Overdue - natural methods of kick starting labour?

Im currently 41 weeks. I saw the midwife yesterday, she carried out a membrane sweep. She also mentioned that my cervix was still closed and that not much is happening down there. I have been booked in for an induction on Monday, but upon reading up about it... I think id rather try and get things going naturally.

Does anyone have any. Successful techniques they have tried or know of? Thank u :)


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7 Replies

  • I used a birthing ball to help me I was 40+1and it worked a treat you csn get them in argos it comes up as gym ball £4.99

  • Plenty of sex; ) worked for me... good brisk walk if u can manage it! X

  • There are lots of 'old wives tales' hot curry, lots of pineapple ,walks and of course sex lol although if baby not finished cooking I dont think they will come lol my last baby we tried everything and I gave up and resigned myself to induction but that next morning hewas in my arms so I think relax and little one will decide to make appearance :-) xx

  • Hi there, sometimes you may need more than one sweep so don't be too disheartened. I was recommended by my midwife during my last pregnancy to have acupuncture however the sweep I had the day before the appointment did the trick and I didn't go.

    However, recently I was talking to a friend and she said that she was booked in for and induction that she didn't want and she said 'No I don't want this' and went home. So if its something that you really don't want you can reasonably refuse. I do believe that babies have their own timing and forcing the issue is unpleasant for both mother and baby. I would suggest that you discuss with your midwife what alternatives are available, quite often they will insist you be checked on a daily basis and possibly have a scan to check what is happening. I'm sure they will humour you, as you're only asking for a few days at most, but be prepared to stand your ground and make sure you fully understand any risks versus benefits. All being well, baby will get on with things before you need to be induced. Good luck :)

  • Hey, i have just had my little one at 41+4 through induction. And to answer ur question nothing worked for me in terms of actually starting the labour! I cant say it didnt help towards it at all either though. Induction wasnt straight forward for me but glad i had it and now a healthy baby too. :-) x

  • Thank you ladies for all your responses. Ive tried the birthing ball and walks. Ive managed to convince myself to go ahead with the induction on Monday and im hoping for the best :)

  • Good luck hun xx

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