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Big bubs still not up for making an appearance!!

So I am 40 +6 today but apart from bubs being stubborn, cant complain! Saw my midwife at 40 weeks and she did a 'sweep' well more of a 'tickle' as cervix was closed. Looked promising though, cervix had shorten to 1cm and was anterior and soft- bubs was really low too at +2 station. But nothing really happened over the last week, although can definately tell they are low as sometimes they decide mummy is not allowed to walk, the pressure is so intense it feels like i will give birth then and there, lol :-) !!!

Due to see midwife again tomorrow for another sweep and hoping bubs makes a move before nxt wednesday as that is when they would induce! As i say, cant complain though as have beem reasonable well so far.

Now excited to meet by big buddle of joy, who is estimating top end of 9lbs. Good luck everyone and keep smiling, you have a beautiful little miracle/s in you :-D xxxx

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Awwww these babies like to make us wait :-) totally worth it though! Good luck! Xxx


wow +2 is almost visible at the entrance!!! LOL you'll probably cough and give birth ;)

on a serious note though, best wishes xx


Seen the midwife and it was really positive :-) Cervix was effaced and 2-3cm dilated but stretchy too, membrane was bulging. She managed a really good sweep :-) . I am booked in for induction on Tuesday as per my areas policy but she is pretty convinced i wont make it di then!!! Lol Mucus plug has now come away and having dull cramping. All really positive- i have come home and doubled checked my bags and am ready when bubs is!!! Lol x


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