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UPDATE at 32 weeks

so i went for my midwife appointment Wednesday morning. was sent to Day assessment unit to be put on a trace machine. the midwife was worried as i haven't felt much movement from bubz recently and plus his heart rate was slow.

so along i went to the hospital.... done my urine sample, was given ice cubes and cold water and put on a machine for half an hour to measure movement, heartbeat and any uterus contractions.

half way through being on the machine the midwife comes back to me and a bit worryingly tells me there is blood in my urine. and do i know that ive had a show? she then checked the babys position. at 32weeks the baby is engaged!! how early does he want to arrive?? my mums on holidays so i need to keep my legs crossed now.

it is worrying me slightly and im waiting for a call today to tell me the next steps but i know i have to take antibiotics.

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All I would say honey is just hang in their and try and stay positive I'm sure everything will be just fine! Is this your first baby? I'm 17 weeks pregnant and every week so far is different and I'm just waiting for movement :) I don't think u ever stop worrying from what people have told me being pregnant, but u just gotta stay calm and positive! Does your mum know? Charlotte


unfortunately my mum didnt take her mobile with her. i do however have the hotels details stored in my phone. i dont want to call yet though as im ok and just trying to relax now. over the weekend i have had major pains and tightenings. im putting that down to strong braxton hicks though. x


I would tell the labour ward if ur having pain they would need to give u steroids to mature the baby's lungs and they take time to work, if u are going into labour u must get it checked out x


Braxton hicks shouldn't be painful! X


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