is it just an old wives tale or is it something to do with our hormones but im having some terrible dreams once i finally get to sleep, my mother in law said they get more vivid and she had a really bad dream about her hubby just before she was due

Im not worried about this i just wish i could go a full night without one, mainly seems to be about the other half leaving me! :(

x x x

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I know how you feel.

Im 21 wks pregnant with my 2nd child & my other half has said I am either talking or moaning whilst sleeping.

The funniest thing is that i dont remember all or much about what im dreaming about but its usually involved around getting a call from someone telling me bad news.

Im not major worried about it but like you said its just something i would rather not happen.


I get wierd dream too - one time it was so bad that i woke up all teary and in sweat - a boy from neighbor hood smashed my baby on the street (when I recalled it was a childhood memory when he smashed a puppy to the road and i was really terrified).

Dont worry about them and try to sleep with an empty head - maybe talk your worries out just before you sleep


I had those dreams but it was after my 2nd was born and I actually got that worried about it that I confronted my husband and would cry about it (I know now it was silly but at the time I felt really worried). Your hormones are rushing around in there making you think alot more about silly things. You are not alone.


I've been the same throughout both pregnancies - they're scary nightmares about all sorts this time but when I was heavily pregnant with my son I used to have the most vivid crazy dreams about birds - often that I was in labour pushing, and a swallow would literally swoop out of me - tell me that's not insane!!

I find reading a page of my book soon calms me back to sleep when I wake up in a tizz x


im glad im not alone,

Last nights was about my dad, and although there was nothing to indicate it we were at his funeral but estrained family members were there that dont speak to him now and my mums 2 sisters were both there who have both passed away, but everyone was dressed for a wedding, i recall i was looking at the coffin and saying i cant believe im never going to see him again, every other night its been about me not actually being pregnant anymore but everyone is acting normal or my fella leaving me

Its so horrible and i tend to text my boyfriend in the middle of the night to check he still loves me, or check he is ok, its so hard when hes away all week but if it happens at the weekends he lets me snuggle in, even if i do start telling him about it and hes fallen back to sleep

x x x


I've also been having horrible, vivid nightmares and dreams - mostly about bad things happening to my children. I think pregnancy reinforces relationships with our loved ones and fears about loosing them play on our subconscious minds.

On a lighter note there's something that happened when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter. In the middle of the night I became convinced that there was someone out to get me. I leapt out of bed and ran down the hallway before I woke up and hubby wondered what on earth I was doing :-) Felt rather sheepish to say the least!


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