Could I actually be pregnant I have been told different answers and really confused

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 18th of this month the day I got the implant removed and the 19th and started taking the pill on the 19th unknown that I could be pregnant , I had light spotting yesterday and a little today I was due my period yesterday but instead got this spotting , I would like reasonable answers if I could be pregnant? and if I should stop taking the pill if it will affect the pregnancy ? And when can I take a test ?


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  • It will be a bit early to take a test just yet as u only had unprotected sex 5 days ago, but u say u have just started taking the pill? when I first started taking the pill it made me have a few bleeds, and yes some spotting and I didn't have a 'proper period' & I was on it for 5 years, couple of days here and there. I found out I was pregnant when on the pill but obviously that will be quite a common thing but yes bit too early too test yet, give it a week or 2.

  • Thanks very much so there is a chance I could be pregnant ?

  • yeah just like ceribean said it may be a Lil too early to take a test so wait until something like the end of this week & see what the results say.

    I personally had the contraceptive implant which i removed last year (September) & my periods started back almost straight away so it's a possibility.

    Im now 20wks pregnant


  • I am by no means an expert so cudnt say as everyones bodys are different, obv if u have unprotected sex then there will always be a chance but as u have just come off the implant and onto the pill ur body might b all over the place. giv it a week or 2 and test.

  • Thnks fir the advice xxx

  • I took my test after 2 weeks and it was v accurate x

  • I would wait 4 weeks and do a test. I was told that if you are pregnant the pill wouldn't effect the pregnancy as the pregnancy hormone is stronger than the pill (if that makes sense). If you are unsure then ring your doc and ask them as I am no pill expert.

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