Fed up now!

Ladies, its been a while yet again. I apologies.

Currently 8 weeks and 2 days and i am sick of feeling/being sick! I can never seem to get comfortable, i find it hard to sleep, im constantly moving around and it tales forever to fall asleep. I feel sick all day everyday, i drink like theres no tommorow but still feel as though im drinking sand, my back hurts like crazy, my boobs are growing yet again, i find it hard to eat, i can go a week without eating if i could. I try and eat but im just off food, im losing weight and i dont see my midwife untill the 2nd of next month.

Im just stuck on how to get by! I try and my boyfriend bless him is looking after me as best as he can, but i just want this part to be better! And also i have siatica which doesnt help the situation much!

Sorry for ranting, but i just hope things go smoothly as time goes on.


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I felt like that, although at 29+1 I am still being sick most mornings albeit just stomach bile but It has become a routine of my mornings. I lost weight also at beginning between 8-16 weeks when I was really ill and I was emotional and normally me and my boyfriend plan our weekly meals so tht we can save money etc but I cudnt even think of eating anything and I know he got a bit fed up with me although he didn't say, bless him. I actually didn't think it wud end which made me feel even worse but by about 16 weeks I felt so much btr and practically like I did pre pregnancy but I know it can end at different times for different women. but trust me things do get btr, I am now at the uncomfy stage but I just think for all its worth its nothing. I found Ice lollies, salt and vinegar crisps, pasta and dry toast with marmite helped me feel btr although I just took day by day. Hope u feel btr soon xx


Oh hun!

I didnt suffer with any siatica or anything, but i've recently just started to get my appetite back. Starting from i would say about wk12 of pregnancy i also couldn't eat much, i could easily have gone through days at a time with just nibbling on things like digestive biscuits or packets of quavers crisps.

I felt absolutely knackered all the time & was drinking things such as fizzy can sodas "just so i could feel less sick.

But theres a light at the end of the tunnel "trust me" Im now just over 20wks and i feel much better. I'm still getting "wobbly" days where I'll prepare something to eat to then not fancy it & have something else, but its much better than a couple of weeks ago.



You might be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, or at least, what will turn into hyperemesis gravidarum if you don't get it treated. You can get antisickness tablets from the doctor which will help you to be able to eat. Don't believe the myths, they're safe to take in pregnancy, hundreds of women are prescribed them. I took tablets throughout pregnancy, so did my mum, so did loads of my friends. Be careful about how much fluid you're taking in too, if you find that it gets difficult to drink as well as eat, you may be in danger of dehydration, in which case you may need to be admitted to hospital for IV fluids. You can get more information about treatments via the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support pregnancysicknesssupport.or... and at

GP education about treating pregnancy sickness is pretty poor so don't be surprised if your doctor doesn't have a clue. PSS keep a list of doctors who are sympathetic and knowledgeable about severe pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum so you could contact them to find out if there's a doctor near you. The PSS website has links to support groups for women with severe sickness where you can talk to loads of other people who really know how you feel, and they have a national support network where you can get one to one support from a dedicated volunteer. Good luck and sympathies, it really is the most miserable thing and nobody who hasn't been through it understands how it feels.


Well, you've kind of got a long, long, long way to go....and not much you can really do about the sickness etc, unless it gets so bad you can't take in fluids, but in any event, the best bet is to go and see your GP/Midwife - they'll know what's best to help as SAFELY as possible. I had severe morning sickness for several months (it did get better!!), and just ate what I could - mostly yoghurt and icecream, and LOTS of water, and trying to keep my vitamin tablets down. There isn't much else you can do except grin and bear it you know? Best of luck x


Could i just say that it's not true that there's not much you can do except grin and bear it until you need fluids. There are lots of antiemetics you can take and a good knowledgeable doctor will take the view that it's better to treat before it gets to the stage that you do need fluids. My consultant had this approach and because of the antiemetics she prescribed me early on, I was prevented from deteriorating to the point where I needed IV fluids. Also, it is also not true that your GP/midwife will know what to do for the best. Most of them are not properly educated in this topic and they won't know. If you're lucky you'll find one who does know about it, but contact Pregnancy Sickness Support to find a good one in your area. In this day and age there is no need for women to just put up with terrible condition. Your doctor might also be interested to know that the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have set up a working group to develop national guidelines for the treatment of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. These guidelines will recommend prompt intervention. I know this because I'm a member of this working group in my capacity as an expert patient and Pregnancy Sickness Support volunteer. The consultant who is the head of this working group has also recently written a research update on behalf of the RCOG in which she states that antiemetis are safe for use in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you want any more information you can contact me using the form on the 'contact us' page of


Pregnancy is a wonderful thing isn't it. My fingers are x'd for the sickness to die down for you. :-( in the mean time have a go with the sea bands they work a treat. Eat little and often to help too. If its really bad you should be taking prenatal vitamins. Just look forward to your scan at 12 weeks keep that focus and weeks will fly by. Xx


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