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Hi All. havent written a blog in a while.

im now 29 weeks. ok... must admit it seems like its flown by but by god it hasnt. and i still feel its going slowwwww. time is dragging.

i have an appointment with my consultant next week to tell me when i will be induced due to hyperemesis and the steroids i was on.

i also thought pregnancy would get easier throughout the trimesters. I was prepared for the growing and the aching back but for the sickness to return has hit me for 6! :(

im just trying to think to myself hold out theres not long left. i have been told by my doctors that from all the bad sickness i have had, my oesophagus (when meets belly) is allowing it to spill back over and causing me to have horrendous reflux all the way down my front. its the most painful thing ever!! luckily ive been prescribed omeprazole (lets hope it works).

i am currently still in work and havent even given it a thought as to when im leaving yet. think i might just work until i drop.... the maternity wards only upstairs and my work involves dealing with the porters, so i wont be short of a wheel chair to labour ward! :p

im cooing over everyones babies at moment. i cant wait to have my little Charlie in my arms (gives my womb a rest from all the rugby practice he is having ;) )

well hope your all doing well with your pregnancies. take care girlies and rest up xxx

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God the sickness sounds awful. Cant beleive you are 29 weeks you are on the home stretch now, these next few weeks will really fly by.


Oh Bless you u haven't had it easy have u! I feel for u,will they get little man out early then. . Let us know how u get on xx


I'm 34 weeks and have the same problem with reflux due to hyperemesis I'm taking high dose omeprazole ranitidine and glugging gaviscon and started being sick again. Gastro team say baby needs to come out as along with this I've got severe spd and I'm virtually bedbound now and have already been off work for 10 weeks (I'm a physio in geriatrics). Now my bp is shooting up And there are concerns rw diabetes.. they have finally made a decision to so csection at 37 weeks providing im well enough to last that long. Wow it's a relief.. it's the uncertainty of not knowing what's going on when getting through a day is such a struggle I find the worst.

I hope the omeprazole works for u and u start to feel bit better!!


i tried ranitidine. i didnt find that helpful. so hopefully the omeprazole will. Yes baby should be out early. i find out my date next week if all goes to plan with my appointment.

I really wanted a water birth so fingers crossed i wont need a c section :( i think i have spd starting too P1ddh. i get burning/numbness on my hips and legs if i lay on them for 20minutes. its awful but id rather that than this sickness anyday! im on the home stretch now as Megzey says. so fingers crossed it wont be long for me! x


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