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Growth scan picture

Growth scan picture

Hello ladies

Had my growth scan amazing pictures of baby emo.

Measuring small but only by a week so they don't seem to worried plus my other two where 6lb14oz and 7lb 1oz think I'm prone to small babas. Nice amount of fluid blood flow looks great. Heart rate 138bpm for baby. And here is the wee one who just wanted to hide throughout. I'm really not meant to know what I'm having. :-)

Doctor appointment tomorrow I'm a happy lady for today love seeing baby on screen and best bit my daughter got to see it too :-) x

My boobs are sore they have defiantly grown... nipples you can see from space :-) lol lol.

Heartburn is there but milk is my cure :-) tiredness or laziness is here but I'm. Hoping for that last bit of energy as I need an ikea trip ..

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I have my next growth scan tomorrow - can't wait! My other half is coming this time too :-D


Oo good luck Hun and enjoy. Wish my hubby could have come he was amazed when I sent him the picture x


Wow do they do 4d growth scans? Arrrr at least not too big to push out ;) x


Lol that what my hubby just messages me lol. I'm under a private hospital in dubai and all the machines switch to 4d .. :-) x


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