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Planned or unplanned


For those ladies who planned their pregnancy and knew the date of ovulation possible implantation and got a positive between 9-16 days past ovulation, or up to day 21.

The question is did your baby arrive on the due date?

It's a question I'm keen to understand more about, my previous two where unplanned conception and 1st was 42 weeks+2 born by induction. 2nd 41+1 spontaneous labour after a sweep.

Would love to hear your stories. Hope your having great pregnancies. Current.y 35+4 not long left :-) exciting times ahead xx

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Morning too. I'm not sure on the day but by ovulation and possible implantation my dates too are spot on. Looking forward to hearing the replies. I'm defiantly looking forward to reading replies :-) looking to see if there's pattern involved with planned and what the outcome was for unplanned. When you found out with your boys how far gone where you when you got BFP. ?


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