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Thoughts on baby turning from breech after 34 weeks? external cephalic version? vaginal breech birth?

Hi, I had my daughter Nov 2010 by emergency C-section (late diagnosed breech) and I was hoping for a VBAC second time round. I'm now 34 weeks, due end of June 2013. At my 34 week midwife appointment yesterday, the midwife said she strongly suspects baby number 2 is breech again. I've been feeling what I think is the head quite high up pushing into my ribs/diaphragm for a while so I wasn't too surprised. I've got a consultant app on Monday. Midwife said consultant might suggest a scan (or even scan on Monday) but she booked a scan for 36/37 weeks.

So my questions are, did anyone on here go through attempts of turning the baby past 34 weeks (external cephalic version )?? Did your baby turn by itself? Did anyone have a vaginal breech birth? Is elective caesarian the only way forward with confirmed breech?

I really wanted to avoid another c-section as my recovery was quite long and painful last time and I'm not sure how that would work with looking after a toddler as well! The only positive aspect of the elective section would be that childcare would be much easier to plan....hmmmmmmmmmm

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There is still time for baby to turn. I was breech, born vaginally (failed ECR), my four younger sibs were all cephalic xx


Ah no poor you, I really didn't know that you could have a baby naturally being breech, I just dont know how they would do it.

I hope you get the birth that you want:-) sorry I cant be more help.


My 2nd a girl was breech until 39 weeks when I went to get monitored in my 1 week over due date she had turned. Hadn't felt anything so must have turned whilst asleep. Plenty of time for baby to turn, fingers crossed for you x


Thanks everyone!!! This baby is so much more wriggly, kicking, punching, wedging itself in than my first ever was - so hopefully turning around will still happen!


Get on all fours sway it hips from side to side in a figure 8 it helped my friends baby turn ams he was 9lb4! So never give up hope :)


I also tried this, keep your head low and stick your bum in the air! My baby turned from breech to head down at around 36 weeks...sadly on a scan to check he had turned they then discovered not only had baby moved but so had my placenta, and I ended up having a c-section for placenta previa!

Good luck with your little one turning. Cx


I had a c-sec last time (2011) due to late diagnosed breech (7cm dialated!) and have been told if baby doesn't turn naturally this time by 36 weeks they will do a planned c-sec at 39 weeks. They won't attempt external ceph to turn due to risk of scar rupture :( There is still time for your baby to turn though. A friend of mine got hers to turn at 38 weeks with frozen peas on babies head and a torch up between her legs (apparently babies with moved towards light and away from cold) has a few suggestions too. Good luck :-)


Hi there, I'm 36+4 and went into hospital on Wed for an attempted ECV - unfortunately it wasn't possible as the scan they do just before showed the baby is fully engaged in breech position and my amniotic fluid level is 6.4 rather than the 10 they need/recommend for doing the procedure.

I'm now booked in for a c-section at 39 weeks and in the meantime I've got a couple of scans to monitor the fluid levels. If it gets to 5 or lower then they'll bring the c-section forward.

C-section is the obstetrician's recommended option for breech, though one of the midwives was talking to us about other things we could try (such as acupuncture and moxibustion - a chinese therapy) and there is always the option of trying for a virginal breech.

I read up quite a bit about ECV before going in on Wed and the feedback varies on the success rate. I've seen 70% quoted, but when I spoke to our consultant we were talking about a 37% success rate. In the end, it varies by hospital and we decided that it was worth a try - though in the end it wasn't possible.

Our NCT teacher recommended the spinning babies website that Tabby101 mentions above - got to be worth a try.

Good luck with whatever route you go down, Helen


Thanks Helen and Tabby, that's very interesting to hear. My hospital quotes about a 50% ECV success rate.. I forgot to mention that I went through about 15 hours of labour last time and was about 10 cm dilated before they said my daughter was breech and that one leg was stuck - main reason for emergency C-section ! I'm desperate to avoid a repeat scenario! I've got a consultant app this afternoon, will keep you all posted!


Hi, just as an update- I finally had a presentation scans and at 36+0 yesterday and the baby had turned and is head down now! V relieved.. Tx for everyone's input.


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