Can baby feel me rubbing belly?

Well this is the first time I've posted anything. Im 17 weeks tomorrow and got quite a rounded belly now, but wondered can baby feel me rubbing my tummy? I also have this idea that rhythmic tapping is good? Don't know where I've got that from. I guess its just comforting. No definitive kicks yet but flutters are becoming stronger. Less flutter-like! Am i making sence? I hope so. Hope to hear from someone soon :)

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  • Hi

    Welcome to this forum. Ive been here for a few weeks now (usually when i feel like just havin a Lil moan) :-)

    I like to think our babies can feel us rubbing them through the womb. Im not sure if they may know it at this early stage (im 14+wks), but definetely believe later on in pregnancy babies can follow your hand movements around the stomach & even sometimes try to touch it.


  • Fascinating! This is my first so its all new to me! Thank you for answering, and good luck :) x

  • I'm 34 weeks now when I rub my belly baby boy moves and I can actually rub him:)

  • Aww that's so sweet!!! Can't wait till im further along! Good luck and thanx for replying :)

  • ahh congrats, i am 23+3 and when i lay in bed i rub my tummy and i get a few kicks, i know they say u should talk to them or read to them so they get used to ur voice, i didn't get any proper kicks as such till about 21 weeks but this is my first as they say sometimes when u have more children u get signs a bit earlier, but now when i lay down and watch my belly i see it move its so cool! are u gonna find out if ur having a girl or boy at ur 20 week scan? xx

  • I will be finding out! I feel like i 'need' to know! Lol. I don't actually mind either way but i think picking a name will be a lot easier lol. And whether i should be buying blue or pink! So did you find out the sex? I can't wait for my next scan, get to see my baba again :) thanx for replying! And we are in the same boat being our firsts! Good luck :)

  • u sound just like me i am too impatient. Yeh i am having a little boy, have seen so much i want to buy already, places like tescos do some lovely things at a gd price but cant buy anything yet as moving house in 3 weeks so want to wait till i am in there, ahh that's cool, thanks gd luck 2 u 2 and let us know when u have ur next scan if u have a pink or blue xx

  • I rub my belly all the time. especially when i feel the bruiser kicking me. i even sing to my bubz when im alone. this is my first and didnt know what to expect. im 24+4 weeks. i had too find out, i couldnt wait.

    i started feeling proper kicks at around 22 weeks. and he hasnt stopped moving since. if i rub my belly he seems to stop. (im not fussed on the kicking feeling unfortunately so its a good thing ;)) xx

  • I really can't wait to feel proper kicks from baba! I've started talking to my bump! And trying to remember all the nursery rhymes my mum used to sing. And like you i really need to find out. Will find out on the 12/06 :D

  • H everyone I'm 20weeks 5 days I rub my belly all the time not sure if its a comfort just for me or the baby to can't wait until I'm further along love the feeling of my baby moving before that I used to realy worry that they were ok but now they give me a little wiggle every now and then to let me no there ok! I'm inpatient as well can't wait to find out if I'm team blue or pink even thou I don't mind which iv got my scan 2DAY! Fingers xd my little pip is ok! :)

  • Good luck for your scan! Let us know what it is!!! :)

  • It was brilliant everything was perfect and I'm having a little girl :)

  • Yay! Aww how sweet! I keep having dreams im having a girl but will see how true my dreams are soon enough :) congrats x

  • It was brilliant everything was perfect and I'm having a little girl :)

  • not long. it will fly by to 12/06. it seemed to go quick for me up to the 20 week scan then its dragged since. lol.

    i make up songs to sing. such as please stop kicking mumma in the ribs. hahaha. anything to pass the time in work i suppose ;)


  • I wish i could sing at work but i work in a shop and customers will think Im nuts lol. So i just sing what's on the radio. And i hope June comes quickly, im so impatient ! I need to know lol.

  • congratulations Louise87. great news :) nows the most expensive part haha xx

  • Haha yes think ill have to rob a bank or won the lottery million and one things to buy!x

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