I went to the dr today as I can hardly walk and she prescribed codydramoland said when I see my consultant on thurs about physio. . But a friend who used to be a pharmacy assisysnt said she would advise me not to take the tablets, it's made me paraniod whether to take them or not now I usually take a tablet for any ailment but obviously being pregnant don't take anything but the pain has got so bad I couldn't even walk the boys to school today, I'm just so torn and in lots of pain, I'm trying everything to help ease the pain, can't walk 30 steps without them having to limp. . :(

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  • Hi

    You could always get a 2nd / 3rd opinion by contacting someone like NHS Direct maybe.

    Its always a very difficult decision to have't to make "espicially when pregnant" & these days G.P's are just as useless themselves these days. :-(

    You could also try & visit a local NHS walk -in centre. At times you can get good & honest advice from there too.

  • Just need a bit of reassurance don't like takingtablets in pregnancy but don't think I have a choice x

  • Codydramol or cocodamol is EXACTLY what you need, and 'safe' in pregnancy.

  • Ok Thanks Dr fluffy just scared to take anything when pregnant x

  • I agree with doctor fluffy, my sister had severe spd and was on crutches and exactly the same painkillers you were given :)

  • Good to know thanks x

  • I have been recommended this also by consultant in my hospital for severe SPD and im also on crutches.. if you can take it I would - unfortunately it doesnt agree with me as it can make you quite constipated - Dr Fluffy can u take anything apart from lactulose in pregnancy?!? and I am really struggling - ive stilll got 10 weeks to go and the pain is so severe I can only sit now for about 5-10 min stretches and have to lie down!!

  • Fybrogel is really good for constipation during pregnancy x

  • god it breaks my heart to hear how much people suffer with spd pain when some really simple/gentle osteopathic treatment can really help, I treat it very regularly. If you can afford it, then try and get yourself to a local osteopath as that way you shouldn't have to take medication for the pain. If money is an issue, then feel free to come and see me for free, pregnancy is a special interest of mine which is why i would be happy to do this on the odd occasion. If you would like to just give my receptionist a call at

    otherwise if you can wait for physio this can help aslo. Please gegt some treatment though it could really help.

    Good luck


  • Thanks you! Unfortunately I have been seeing physio on NHS (I am a physio myself although work in geriatrics) since i was about 16 weeks and sadly - its just getting worse. I have given in and made an appointment with an osteopath for later this week as the pain is now so severe I spend most of my day lying in bed and have told I will likely need to be admitted for pain control as im only 29 5

  • I was prescribed cocodamol the other day by my GP as I am suffering from both SPD, and bursitis in my right hip - I'm in total agony and can barely walk :( I am a bit reluctant to take them though, the GP did explain to me that it can cause breathing problems in baby and all information in the leaflet and online suggests not to take it. Unfortunately crutches are not an option for me as I also have de quervains tendonitis in both wrists. Not having an easy time of it at all, and incredibly jealous of all these blooming mummy's to be!! I have seen 3 GPs now and none of them have referred me to physio, so for the moment its paracetamol and complete rest, although I think I may try an osteopath as suggested above - I'll give anything a go!

  • Oh that sounds so painful it is so scary as u want to do ur best for baby ur g.p was good to inform u but then it just worries u even more ! Hope u get sorted pain is not nice anytime especially in pregnancy! X

  • Wifey - as a physio although not my area of speciality - both sPD and bursitis can be helped by physio and i no in my area you can actaully self refer if ur pregnant or if u GP refers u get seen urgently. You should push for an urgent referal GL!!

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