Pain on both sides of my abdomen

Been experiencing this pain since last week it is on n off,i took it as a sign of ovulation which i think it was as i had discharge dt seem to stop two days ago except a tiny one dt comes on my tissue wen cleanin up in the toilet,so wit dt i felt ovultion has come and gone,bt i stil do hv those pain tho its slight bt i feel i shuld nt ignore it,yes i hv been havin unprotected sex as i am ttc bt nw d pain seem to be spreadin althru my lower abdomen nt just ryt or left,dont know if i shuld just overlook it or call d doctor as i dont know why it has nt stopd,bt any idea advice is welcomed tanx

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  • Hi Rtunrayo, you could well be experiencing implantation pains which is where the egg has become fertilised and is now busy burying into your uterus. I suffered similar pains for a week or so before I found out I was pregnant, similar to period cramps so I was waiting for period to arrive all the time, which it never did. I'm now 21 weeks. Good luck. You will usually get an accurate result from a pregnancy test from the date your period is due.

  • Tanx dearie,really prayin it is as i hv been tryin for 4 months nw,cant wait for d gud news to arrive...wil be glad if it is

  • If it gets any worse and you can't bare the pain then ring the doc, better to be safe than sorry. When are you going to be able to do a test?

  • Two weeks tym,tho i ovulated earlier dis month

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