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Breast pumps

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Hi ladies

Any recommendations for breast pumps please. Is it worth getting an electric one or is manual just as good? Any particular brands?

Thanks xxx

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I have been looking too, my friend recommends the Phillips avent one and she got on really well with it so i think i will be going down that route. xx

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Thanks :-) is it an electric one she uses? X

yes, it is electric, she said was really easy to use and was very successful, x

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Excellent thanks Hun x

I've got the electric Phillips avent pump and its great, easy to use and comfortable

I got an electric one over the weekend. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump. It has about £34 pounds off at Tesco!

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Ooh really? Have u tried it yet? X

Not as yet, I've just hit 30 weeks. But my sister in law has one and has used it with both of her pregnancies and she recommended this one.

Hi sa4ahlh,

My partner started expressing using the Medela Swing. The bottle teats are designed to mimic nipples and help avoid nipple confusion.

But due to finding breastfeeding too painful we hired a hospital grade breast pump: the Medela Symphony. It costs about £45 per week and works wonders! She can pump about 300ml in the morning in about 15 mins - enough for 2 feeds!

Your health visitor will be able to find an agent (they come round and show you how to use it).

Good luck!

Thanks so much ladies. Sounds like there are a few good ones out there! X

Hi there, I tried a manual one and was taking me an hour to get 40ml it was painful and frustrating plus started getting mastitis symptoms so midwife recommended to go for an electric one, we bought the mini medela and works great I'm expressing every 4hours 150ml, when we got it was n offer for £49 at John Lewis and is great to carry with you as is very small and you can use with batteries, so when we are travelling while my husband drives I'm expressing!!!

Good luck

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Thanks :-) my best mate has the Medela swing one which she loves. I have seen the mini one but wasn't sure how good it would be as its so small but sounds very good, and handy! None of the elec ones are cheap but sounds like its worth getting one anyhow. Maybe I'll see what good deals I can get and decide from there xx

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