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Awful sad news


hello girls, this is hannahs partner martin.

This account shall be deleted in a few days after hannahs parents have seen the support she had.

She sadly passed away last night due to her heart failing during surgery to remove her galbladder. I hope you all have brilliant pregnancies and births.

Thankyou for all the support from the day she misscarried to now.

all the best

Martin x

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Omg! I'm in tears reading this! I'm sooooo sorry she was such a lovely person, I only spoke to her on here, but she was funny and full of life, her sense of thumor was brilliant, even though she was going through a hard time, we messaged each other privately as well.

Lots of love and care to you all xxxxxxxxx


Thankyou ever so much skyblueboston.

She was a very enthusiastic person to say the least.

Her mum and dad have been reading some of the many comments and are so very greatful that she had so much support on here.

Take care xx

Thoughts are with you at this sad sad time r.i.p Hannah with her little angel now god rest her soul. Xx


OMG! I'm so sorry, My heart & deepest sympathy goes out to you & her / your family. This is definetely a shock im sure no-one "espicially you" was expecting this to happen

I also had a few on-line coversations with her (via this forum) & definetely agree she was the nicest, caring & most gentle woman with a big heart for everyone.

Im sure you've probably thought about the only way to deal with this but i like to think she is now with your unborn child in heaven being the fantastic mother she was destined to be.

R.I.P Hannah


What shocking horrible news. I'm so very sorry to all of you.

I hope you're getting some support.

Take care x

Oh I am so very sad to hear this. I'm sure I speak for us all that although we don't personally know each other, we all share this bond and hope that all the members' pregnancies go well. This would have been the last thing we expected to hear.

Deepest condolences to you, Hannah's family and friends. Rest in Peace Hannah xxx

My heart was broken into pieces when I heard the news that Hannah had passed away. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow you must be feeling right now. I hope that you get some comfort right now from your family,but I know that nothing can take away the pain you are feeling .your partner was a wonderful person.her advice and support will be greatly missed by myself and many others.

Please accept my sincere condolences and think of these words as warm hugs that will give you comfort during this difficult time.

RIP Hannah xx

So sorry for your loss x

So so sorry to hear this.. My thoughts are with you, her family and friends. Take care xxx

May God bless you xxxx


Hello everyone, this is hannahs dad, my name is john, myself and hannahs mum and also martin are all greatfull for all of your comments, support and kindness.

Hannah was my one and only little princess we are conpletely lost without her. Unknown to my little sweetheart we would have been delighted to have had a grandchild. Absolutely destroyed that this will never happen now as myself and my partner (hannahs mum) are too old to have a child now.

Your comments are touched our hearts and honestly have brought me down in floods of tears to this day i have never cried infront of anyone even when hannah passed away i stayed strong for my partner and hannahs partner so i could support them but knowing all of these things she posted on here and how lucky she was to have such lively, lovely and kindhearted women supporting her though the confusion, stress, delight and loss broke me into tears.

Thankyou all ever so much for everything this account shall be removed within the next week after she has been burried so that her close friends can see what a beautiful site this is and how supportive everyone is on here.

Sleeptight my little angel i love you with all of my heart i would do anything to just have you back in my arms to say i love you. I shall miss your cuddles and and goodnight kisses good night sleep tight and take care of your granddad little sister and two little children my beautiful princess.

All the best ladies


Skyblueboston in reply to Hidden

Oh John your amazing and so was Hannah, she came on line a bit scared but also excited about becoming a mum, she spoke to me about you and her mum and Martin, and how much she loved you you all, Hannah was telling me how much she wanted to make you grandparents, she was excited and was going to tell you after her 12 week scan.

I know I only ever chatted to Hannah on here but we chatted at least once a week privately, she was so funny and full of life.

I burst into tears when i read this this afternoon, I just can't believe how such a wonderful young girl has been taken way too early.

We both know she is in heaven with her babies, sister and Grandad overseeing them all.

Lots of love and hugs to your whole family xxxxxxxx

I'm so sorry to hear this, thinking of you and her mam and dad. Xx

Oh Martin I am so sorry, there are no words...

Lots of love from Lincolnshire

Dear Martin,

I would like to say how terribly sad I am to hear of your tragic news, I truely am at a loss for words. As was said before, we are a group of women brought together as strangers and yet we quickly bond to one another and support each other through the miracle of creating life & Hannah was one of us and we will always remember her fondly.

Our hearts go out to you, your family and Hannah's Parents.

RIP Hannah & Baby Munchkin - Now and Forever Together xx Take Care of Each Other

May the lord bless her soul. So sorry to hear this sad news, i am shocked and very sad. She was such a lovley person to talk to and very polite and kind. I will keep the family in my prayers. Im sure you all have loads of good memories of hannah. Keep strong xx

So so very sad to read this. My DEEPEST condolences. RIP hannah xxx

My thoughts are with you all. Such sad sad news. RIP Hannah xxx

I don't remember speaking to her or commenting on anything but sorry to hear of your loss, sleep tight now angel xx

I'm so very sorry for your loss x


I'm so chocked up right now, we spoke a couple of times and I could tell she was such a lovely person. Such terrible news, I'm so sorry for your loss ):

So sorry for your loss. Hannah was a lovely person to talk to. so young and so caring.

RIP Hannah.

Thoughts are with Martin and her mum and dad xx

Omg!!! So sorry for your loss,i pray God comforts you n others she left behind

What a shock to read this... my deepest condolences to Hannah's family and to Martin. There are no words that can be spoken to soothe the incredible pain and sadness of losing a daughter and for Martin, a partner, so suddenly. Thinking of you all at this sad time. xxx

I am so sorry for your loss. I pray you and your families find the strength to get through. Thoughts are with you x

This is terrible news, my heart goes out to you and all your / her family and friends.

Thinking of you all at this sad time.


Sorry to hear this terrible news, my thoughts are with your whole family at the recent events, unimaginable! Rest in peace Hannah.

So so sorry to hear of ur loss rip xxx

:( so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you all at such an emotional time :( xx


Hello girls martin here, all these comments never expected to get such a reaction from you all your all so lovely and caring towards me and hannahs family i couldnt sleep so i thought id come on here. Your comments are so lovely cant help but sit in tears.

Hannahs funeral is on friday... She always lived fridays always up for a laugh always up for fun and was never without a smile at the weekend. She shall be burried next to her little baby sister with our munchkin engraved on the stone. Everyone who has supported us through this time we are all truely greatful.

I know that this isnt a site to post about people dying but as my beautiful girlfriend was on here alot i though i should let you know i shall be removing this account after friday i think ashannahs family and i have decided to read out some of the comments that have been said about her.

It was true she was such a wonderful happy chirpy loving beautiful young girl who i fell inlove with instantly!

Feel free to message me if u would like something to be read out at the service as i know how she liked you all so very much.

All my love and best regards and best wishes

Martin x


I am so sorry to hear this about Hannah and am sorry to u and your family for your loss. She always seemed such a bubbly girl and always thought of everyone elses feelings before her own. the sky has unfortunately gained another angel far too early. x


I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I am totally lost for words. what a tradegy.

Thinking of you

R.I.P Hannah,, life is so cruel sometimes to take someone so young. xxx

I am speechless.... i can't even imagine what you are all going through at such a dark time. This website is a true inspiration and reading the comments that people have put just shows that human spirit lives on in all of us as Hannah's will in your precious memories of her and your lost angel. They are both looking down on you with such love and fondness and will look over you to make sure you are ok. A very close friend of mine also went through the same as you Martin about 4 years ago, losing both his wife and little boy and i know its too soon right now but he has gone onto have a very loving and happy life, it took a while but he is there now...Sarah and Lucas will never be forgotten but they live on in his human spirit. Look up a the night sky at night and remember 'love like starlight never dies' xxxx

Just so deeply sorry for you, it's just not fair, my thoughts are with you at this devastating time, xxxx


It will no doubt be a very hard day for you all tomorrow. I'm wishing you lots of love and support; celebrate the time you had with Hannah and remember the good times. Sleep tight Hannah xx

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow, RIP Hannah xxx


Hello ladies, this is john(hannahs dad)

Thats the funeral and goodbyes said to my princess i read out some comments and messages that i recieved, thankyou ever so much everyone was in tears when i read them out.

This account will be getting deleted tomorrow so i wish you all well!

Thankyou again for the support me martin and jan are all very greatfull my princess and my grandchils are at peace now <3

Skyblueboston in reply to Hidden

Take care xxxx

I wanted to bring this story to everyone's attention who has been complaining about some of the questions on here. Hannah was 16 and unsure and scared, ppl still supported her though to the end. Remember this site is directly linked to nhs site, so u will get questions ypu don't agree with. Hope Hannah is resting well x

I was one of those that was supporting Hannah in a private email and on the forum....and was terribly upset by her passing, such a sad sad story and I did message her Dad privately as well :-(

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