Sickness and diorhea

Hi this is my first post and I'm really worried. Will be 8 weeks on Thursday and today have been really ill with sickness and 'the runs'. Cannot keep anything down. I had a previous miscarriage a few years ago and this is my first pregnancy since. To make things worse we're on a caravan holiday so not got access to my go. Do you think I should contact the out of hours Service on site? Or just make sure I keep drinking fluids? I think it's more inclined to be something I've ate than a bug. Any help would be really appreciated.

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  • I had a stomach upset and I was worried as I had major pains I was literally rolling aims my bed in agony didn't know if it was the baby or my bowels had it for about an hour went the toilet about 10 times then was Ok...I was around 8 weeks, I rang the dr the next morning and he said it wouldn't affect the baby and just to avoid milk cheese yogurts for a day or so. . Think u can take dihorolyte not sure of spelling but try and get a late night chemist the pharmacist should be able to advise u or give the chemist a call and speak to them if u cannot manage to go there and send someone to pick up whatever they advise. .. Try just drinking squash mixed with water to keep ur sugars up if u can't manage food. .If ur still bad tmw u can go to a g.p as a visitor ... Hope u feel better soon xx

  • If your really concerned and want to be seen ring 111 and they can advise u on where the nearest acrimony clinic is x

  • Thank you so much for quick reply. I'm turning myself into a nervous wreck! I'll see how I get on through the night. I've now just got an 'empty' feeling in my stomach so hopefully I've got rid of whatever it is that's upset me. Thank you again xx

  • as above try drinking squash and if u can eat try something dry like some crackers or plain biscuits just to get some food inside u, hope u feel btr soon x

  • I picked up norovirus at 11 weeks. It was horrible! Just make sure you are well hydrated and get done Oral Rehydration salts. If you really aren't able to match your in put with your output, then get checked out.

  • Some not done!!

  • Keep an eye on it but I do recommend you see a doctor, I'm 31 weeks and I'm having to see a specialist midwife and a gastroenterologist as iv had diarrhoea throughout most of my pregnancy and I'm still having tests as they're struggling to find the cause but always get something like that checked out especially if you've had it more than a couple of days :)

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