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Myositis and Exercise

Can anyone throw light on another issue I am interested in, related to myositis of skeletal muscle - thighs, buttocks, and sometimes lower legs?

Is exercise of the muscles that give rise to associated pain beneficial, or not?

I was caught out the other week, when I rode my bike on a 30 mile return journey on the flat, with a half-hour break for refreshment halfway. This was with a group of fellow cyclists of a similar age (with U3A, which reveals our ages), and I thoroughly enjoyed the outing, arriving home with nothing worse than a slightly sore backside.

I thought all was well until the third day after the ride arrived, when I could barely stand. The leg pains I had experienced before appeared again, this time in spades!

I have heard that even fit athletes who pursue sports such as marathon running can experience myositis, simply as a consequence of the sustained highly vigorous exercise, leading to skeletal muscle degradation, indicated by increased release of CK into the bloodstream. That must be unpleasant for them, but it doesn't stop them from continuing to practice their preferred sport, as far as I know.

I am keen on trying to achieve improved fitness for myself, not least because it is claimed to be good for your health in general, but I am concerned that the myositis I appear to have may be aggravated if I do too much. But how much is too much? - that's what I want to discover.

How this relates to statin administration or maladministration, remains to be revealed, if ever that happens.

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I've read that feeling pain for longer than an hour post exercise means you've done too much and should do less next time. I read this in an example of a personal management plan that the Portsmouth Hospital have produced for myositis patients. I'm still trying to work out my own parameters for exercisingredients but I'm hoping eventually to be cycling and playing golf again!


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