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I know that Ken wrote about the weather here ( we live in the same town), but I just had to say something about it. It is absolutely unbelievably cold here for the next couple of days. I went out to clean off my car and a couple of my neighbors cars (quite a bit of snow fell last night). I was very bundled up, but it is -7 with the wind chill and my nose got so cold. Tonight is supposed to be-14, before the wind chill. And please believe me when I say that it always is windy here! There is a wind chill advisory that warns of wind chills at minus 30 - minus 40! Now that is when a person just stays in and hibernates! Love to all, Kelly

25 Replies
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Good luck! We're unseasonably warm with temps in the low-to-mid 40's. I'd like to see some snow, but I certainly don't want your cold weather to go with it!

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Amore55 in reply to NorasMom

I am not sure where you are, but please send your weather my way!

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You might have to sleep with your socks on tonight 😂🤣

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Amore55 in reply to jimeka

jimeka, I did sleep with my socks on! I just went out to start my car and it was a bit sluggish to go. But it is very faithful (only 40 thousand miles), so it started. I’m back in my bed with my heating pad and snuggled up for a while! How are you doing?

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jimeka in reply to Amore55

missing Neil and Razor beyond words , stay warm 🤗

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Amore55 in reply to jimeka

I cannot imagine how difficult this is for you. Sending you love and hugs.

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oh no Kelly! stay warm. no frost bite allowed. are those temps normal for you?

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Amore55 in reply to Sandydemop

No, not at all. That’s why I had to post something about it, just crazy cold 🥶

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Sandydemop in reply to Amore55


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wow it is very cold ,we have been told to stay inside because of the low temps...

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It's crazy cold in Riverside, CA, this winter, too. Sometimes it gets down to freezing at night!😂

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Jer29-11 in reply to BettysMom

I’m close by to you in Rancho Cucamonga, CA! It has been cold for us, but not -14 cold. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself 😂. Stay warm and toasty inside Amore55 ❤️

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😲I lived in North Dakota when I was young and saw some of those temperatures. Cover those ears and nose.🌬️🌨️🥶

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Wow, that's incredibly cold! Please stay warm. I hope both you and Ken (is that "Kenu"?) stay in as much as possible. Hopefully, in 4 to 6 weeks the worst of winter will be over for you where you are?

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Amore55 in reply to Ethyrum

Yes, that is Kenu. He is still recuperating from his surgery, so he is staying in. I’m busy and venturing out in this frigid weather. Let’s hope his foot feels better soon.

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Stay safe and warm

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Stay warm everyone. MI is supposed to get cold tonight but it sounds like other areas are going to be colder....I really dislike really cold winters. Hopefully it will be decent when I have to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned on Wednesday.

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Amore55 in reply to bxrmom

I would much rather have the cold than the summer heat, but this is a bit more than I asked for! 😂

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bxrmom in reply to Amore55

I dislike being really cold where I can't get warm and being too hot where I can't cool down and my body doesn't work. A good 75-80 degrees with a nice breeze is perfect!

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Good heavens! Stay warm!

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I'm sorry it's so cold where you are. The high here was 54 today and we haven't had any snow we're almost at the record for longest time with no snow

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wow, no thank you haha My son just sent me some pictures from Los Vegas is where he lives and they have snow. I am here in New Jersey 30 mins from Atlantic City and we only seen a FEW flakes since winter started and I'm not complaining. We have been in the 50's (loving it)😁 this weekend is supposes to get down to the 30's (not loving it). 🥶brrr. I do not plan on going out.

well everyone stay safe and stay warm if you don't care for the cold. If you like the cold, ENJOY!!!!!

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Amore55 in reply to LissaH

This morning they changed the warning to a wind chill of minus 50. This just never happens here. I cannot believe it.

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I would burrow in & not come out until my Humming birds return!

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i can't even imagine that sort of cold. uf, stay warm!

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