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What about having fibromyalgia also?


What to do when you also have fibromyalgia?

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Live with it like I have for 25 years. Not being crass, actually compassionate and saying I understand. I took a list of symptoms to neurologist and asked which ones were fibromyalgia and which ones were MS. She ridiculed me and said medical field has no idea - they are too much alike. One did tell me , generally speaking, MS causes nerve pain and problems; fibromyalgia causes muscle pain and problems. Whatever. It hurts. It interferes with my life. It hinders me from doing what I want to do. It is depressing. Both of them. Muscle relaxants help fibromyalgia.

Yracy in reply to agapepilgrim

I hear you loud and clear sister! We seem to both have the same number of years with these nasty things and have heard all the same things.... It truly makes you wonder... Stay strong

I have Fibro also. I was diagnosed with it 10-12 years ago. I take lyrica and a muscle relaxer at night. Light exercise helps. It hurts when you start but with repetition in your routine, it gets better and helps with the pain. I am only recently diagnosed with MS. I am having a hard time navigating the fatigue and other issues related to MS.

Yracy in reply to Tulip77

Get ready for a bumpy ride but hang tough!

I tried Lyrica years ago, I thought it best to go back on the Gabapentin and muscle relaxer, I also take SAVELLA you may want to ask about that?! Pray pray and pray some more! Do what you can, when you can and as you can! It sucks ☹️

Tulip77 in reply to Yracy

I’ve done Savella. I took it for about a year. It actually helped quite a bit and gave me more energy. Unfortunately it also caused my resting heart rate to be over 100 for quite awhile and I was having heart palpitations. I did not like what it did with my mood either. I would get agitated over things that should not have been a big deal.

Yracy in reply to Tulip77

No two of us are alike and no treatments can be the same, all we can do is keep trying! The best thing I have been blessed with over all these years are my Medical Alert Assist Therapeutic Service Animals you can't ask for anything better!

agapepilgrim in reply to Yracy

I’m allergic to all those now. Lyrical and Gabapentin make me lose control of bladder - totally. Flexeril only muscle relaxer that helped but after 10 years or so it caused syncope - fainting and staying out for 15-20 min, BP dropping down to 60. It’s hopeless. Suffer on for me. Even Percocet doesn’t touch the pain. Nor medical marijuana, CBD, etc etc. God helps more than anything.

Yracy in reply to agapepilgrim

My heart goes out to you, I can't imagine how you face the day knowing the constant excruciating pain you must try to tolerate. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong as you move forward to some type of relief from the constant excruciating pain,keep trying! Stay blessed.

Tulip77 in reply to agapepilgrim

That is terrible. Maybe try the Savella. It helped my pain quite a bit.

I have had ms since 2013 and have had side pain ever since. It never goes away. I take diazepam and hydromorphone

The pain hurts and is depressing.

They say it is from a lesion on my spine.

It will never go away!

What a life!

Yes it does suck having both. I was dx with fibro in 2006 and dx with Ms in 2018. When I was dx with fibro the pain Dr put me on clonazepam because it reduces pain in nerve endings. (Some take it for anxiety). Before that I used to wake up crying at night because I hurt so bad. It really helped. A few months ago I took myself off after a very long dose reduction. Now I hurt a lot again. Sometimes I contemplate whether I should go back on it as I felt better with the fibromyalgia then. But then again I think my ms is getting worse so I don't know really which one it is.

I have fibromyalgia years before the diagnosed of MS.

I have fibromyalgia many years before the diagnosed of MS and continue having fibromyalgia, now with more neuropathy pain in my bottom feet. It's the beginning of the neuro inflammation in my brain.

Now one more pill specific for fibromyalgia, very necessary, can't not be without my pregabalin.

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