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So excited I got to clean

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I am so excited that I got to clean my entire downstairs today, not detail just general cleaning. I have 2 dogs so that means I got the hair up that could make a 3rd dog, lol.

I do realize that my body is going to be super mad at me tomorrow, but I can lay on my couch knowing it is clean around me. 😁

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Well once you recover you can come to my house I don’t have any pets so you should be fine.

Ahhh 😌 satisfaction. πŸ‘


I hope you didn't have too much to pay for all that work! It sure feels great to accomplish so much, doesn't it?

it is a good kind of rest when you are accomplished

I took this weekend off at my second job so I could get some cleaning done, going to start with the bathrooms soon 😁

Way to go! That’s one reason I’m glad we have a poodle, no hair to clean up! Too bad my own hair seems to get everywhere!

I can relate! Cleaning up just the dog hair is a lot of work!

Our vacuum just croaked. Grrr... So I "powered up" the broom yesterday. Thank God I have no carpet anymore!

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