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Fever's effect on MS symptoms


Lately when I had a fever, I lost my ability to bend my knees. Not fun and I couldn't even get off of the floor. When I took a fever med and my fever was reduced, my knee abilities returned. Hmmmmm. Has anyone else noticed any similar effect of a fever on MS symptoms?

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When I started to get sick I couldn't bend my legs they were like steel. I had to take steroids each time.

Yes. Everything from illness to lack of sleep aggravates what I normally experience at baseline.

mm1527mm in reply to kdali

Me too!

I really hadn't noticed any thing but I will be watching for it

When I get a fever my fatigue gets a lot worse...and that's already bad enough. Sometimes the vertigo gets really bad too. I haven't noticed any other issues yet.

Whenever I have a fever I lose all use of my legs. I have very little strength. If I am in bed or on the floor we have to call the paramedics to get me up. Most time they transport me to hospital. Fevers are no fun. Don’t get a fever. Don’t get over heated. If you do you get to do your best imitation of a wet noodle.

sashaming1 in reply to jackgaume

Maybe a fever-reducing med can get you on yout feet again! Worth a try.

jackgaume in reply to sashaming1

Sadly, when I get a fever it requires a hospitalization with IV drips to cut the fever. Since I am 73 I "get" to do that in ICU. MS and age do not seem to mix well. That seems to be particularly true with an "old" age diagnosis. I was 65. I am on DMD's still, yet the Doc.s seem to think because of my age I shouldn't be. Go figure. I've been contrary all my life why stop now.

I had a fever last year and my legs wouldn’t work at all. I was getting out of bed around 3 in the morning swung my legs off the bed and hit the floor. My wife helped me to the bathroom then back to bed. The clock went off at six and the exact same thing happened. She helped me to the living room got me a cup of coffee and couple of Tylenol. When the fever broke slowly my legs came back. But it was big time scary. Called my Neuro and his nurse told me to get there as soon as I could. So he ordered 3 days of solumedrol just to make sure I was back on my feet.


sashaming1 in reply to Doubled51

Use a fever-reduclng med and see what happens.

Doubled51 in reply to sashaming1

I’ll know that next time. Thx.


that is interesting that lots of folks lose their legs with a fever,maybe overall body weakness? thanks for the heads up!

bxrmom in reply to pamgarner

For most of us, heat is not our friend :( And a fever would count as heat so it throws everything out of whack :(

sashaming1 in reply to bxrmom

Use a fever-reduclng med and see what happens.

pamgarner in reply to bxrmom

I never would have put heat and fever together duhhh! thank you

sashaming1 in reply to pamgarner

Use a fever-reduclng med and see what happens.

I’ve ended up in the hospital from fever/dehydration b/c my legs won’t work. IV fluids and Tylenol do the trick. Now when I run a fever I start drinking lots of water and taking Tylenol.

sashaming1 in reply to Juleigh21

Good for you!

That's odd. I don't think I've had a fever in a really long time. I will keep this in mind!

Fortunately, I haven’t had a fever for a few years. The last time scared me terribly. Like others my legs were stiff as boards. I was lucky and didn’t fall to the floor. If I get a fever of 100.4 or higher, I’m supposed to call my neuro’s office.

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