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Can you help solve this?

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Let’s have some fun

I don’t know if this is really a left v right problem but I figured it out as soon as I saw it

I am a lefty

Did you figure it out? Don’t tell.

Are you left or right handed?

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rjoneslaw in reply to Luckymomx2

I saw the answer u dm me. 😁

Yes, and I'm right-handed.

It took me about 15 to 20 seconds, I'm ambidextrous.

Sorry I see columns of numbers and run. I’m right handed!

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Yes, I got it. I am predominantly right handed, with left handed tendencies. :-D

I got it. I’m right handed although MS makes it hard to use my right hand

Sorry I don't see what you mean. I'm right handed

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rjoneslaw in reply to kycmary

The puzzle was designed for left handed people and the person who created it said a right handed people wouldn’t be able to solve it because of the way they problem solve

Yes. Right-handed. I also wanted to run away screaming, but I think I got it in about two minutes.

Maybe some one would take pity & tell me the answer pretty please. & thanks luv U guys

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rjoneslaw in reply to kycmary

I sent u a dm with the key to getting the answer hope it helps

I feel really bad because I dont have a clue. Years ago I had a 150 iq. This was way before ms

I could figure everything out

Now I have so many conitive issues to deal with it's really frustrating. But there are worse things I guess

Yes,right handed.

Yes, right handed.... and numbers aren’t usually my thing! Lol

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