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Has anybody tried Array10/11 to test sensitivity to food?


I'm thinking that rather than doing lengthy trial and error on diet, why not get tested for what you might be allergic to. I have not checked cost and other factors but would love to hear whether anyone has tried these tests from Cyrex (or any other one) and whether they were useful.


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When I was having problems with food allergies the specialist just had me go through quitting different items. After six months we figure out what it was ?? You can guess??? It was chocolate 🍫😖🤯🤬. Crazy 😜. I did not have any chocolate 🍫 for six years, yes six years......then after Cancer treatment I decided to give it a try???? Guess what???? No more allergies to chocolate 🍫😆😜😊😂🤪🎃. Ken 🎃

dearydear57 in reply to Kenu

Oh no! Not chocolate! I would be devastated! So glad you were able to shake that allergy! 👌👌👌

Please be careful. I visited a classic scam artist once who offered me this test.

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