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Hello everyone Thursday i when to the doctor and he said that to keep going to therapy and it will help my leg from shaking and for the while he suggested I use a cane. Till I go back in a month for a follow up appointment. It’s been hard to my emotions have been so crazy one day I’m ok then next you know I’m moody sad. I feel like no one understands me. I feel bad for my husband he been putting up with this emotions and it’s sucks. Also me and my mother in law don’t have the best relationship so that doesn’t help she never came see me at the hospital never ask me how I’m feeling I feel like she says thing to me to make me upset but my husband says that she doesn’t do that. Even tho I know she does last week she keep saying things in front of people I feel like I had enough so I said smart come backs at her. And when told my husband he said just to let it go and that’s how his mom is I ask him to tell his mom to stop saying things to that they bother me and it was a whole big thing he said that I should not worry since I don’t live with her but I told I still have to see all the time and she does it all the time. It’s like she knows that it bothers me and now since this happened i feel like she upsets because she want all the attention for her it just so weird to me how you she can be like this with people. I feel like no one understand me I sometimes even cry in my bathroom so no one can see me or hear me. I feel like i can’t tell my husband it just cause problems and I don’t want tell my parents because i don’t want worry them. It’s just hard I feel like everywhere I go people are looking at me either because I have the cane or because I’m walking weird or my leg start to shake. My husband tells me not to care but once I try to tell him my feelings I feel like it’s going lead to a argument. Especially now with his mom this seriously sucks I hate this feeling.

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Come here and talk to us. We all understand. I must admit that I have had good MIL’s but they passed away before my dx. Anyway try not to let it upset you, because your mil will gloat if she see’s you are upset, plus the stress won’t help your ms. When no one is around, tell her to go and suck eggs, then walk away before she can say anything, bad advice I know, but I get so keyed up when people, particularly family think they are being clever, stay strong, and we are here for you, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

I'm so sorry you're having all this going on. I so understand exactly what you're saying and meaning. I'm going through very similar things you are at the moment. Legs and arms are weak. Muscles are so very tight (neck and shoulders) it hurts. Can take a lot of pain only this is really getting to me.

I cry a lot, my daughter that lives with me sometimes can't deal with me and says hurtful things. I know deep down she doesn't mean anything by it. Still hurts a little. My emotional state is just not good at all right now. By myself a lot. Not working right now and finances not good. I'm divorced so I don't have a lot of emotional support not financial support.

So anyway enough about me. Just wanted to respond to let you know it's not only you. I'm going through the same thing as you.

I hope and pray things get better for you. It's so hard when you feel like you're fighting this crazy illness on your own and no one seems to understand or get where you're coming from.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as I do with all our friends here in this community. Sure hope all gets better soon. Getting so tired of all this.

Keep your chin up and keep on keeping on!!! We've got this girl!!! 👍👍🙏🙏🙂

Thank you guys yea I just feel like so many things happen at the same time I actually had lady come up to me yesterday and ask me what was wrong at 1st I was taking back but she seem nice just made me feel bad that a complete stranger care more then my own mother in law. It’s been like this for as long as I know her you think after 10 years of me being in her son life she would finally accept me but nooo she a mean/selfish person but true my husband probably doesn’t want hear negative thing about his mom that’s what probably causes the problem and I’m sure that what she wanted for us to fight about it. She always calling my husband just to tell him negative things before we move in together she didn’t even help him get a car or license I was the one that help get that stuff even when he had surgery a couple months ago she didn’t even go she show up that night around 8pm my family even came see him and where calling check on him more then his own mother. My husband didn’t have good childhood because his mother so some part me gets upsets because she try to act like she better when I know deep inside I’m sorry but she was a bad mom she let things happen to my husband and I known my husband is a good man and a good father so I just think how could you not protect him when he was just a little boy.

I think if I tell him he would consider it that may be a good idea to

My mother in law was that way with my wife 😠. About 30 years ago I blew up at her and read her the riot act. Did not talk for several months. Did this in front of whole family at a reunion. We have become good friends since then and she doesn’t give Jody any more shit. She actually did this to several people and until I explained what verbal abuse was I don’t think she realizes what she was doing 🤷🏼‍♂️. I think you can only turn your cheek so many times and then it has to end. Good luck 👍, like said this is a great place to vent. Remember just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️😉👍🙏🐾. Ken

I can't relate as my MIL was awesome. Sounds like she needs all the attention and is jealous as you get some (with good reason!). Try your best to ignore her. Read, or pretend to read, a book in front of her and pretend she's not there. It'll piss her off but it shows you are not listening to her. When she doesn't get a rise out of you, eventually she will stop because that's what she's looking for. Good luck!

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