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☀️Let's share our safe summer activities so we can Inspire others with ideas they might not have thought of!🌡🌞


Summer can be hard on many people with MS. Heat intolerance is a big symptom with MS. What safe activities do you do in the summer and still keep yourself safe from the Summer's heat and sun.

I believe that many individuals may have to modify the summer activities listed in this post because MS attack each and every individual differently. Be sure to take these activities and adapt them to your particular MS symptoms and intolerances. I also think that many summer activities can be modified to keep them safe for most people with MS. Here's some ideas:

If you are heat intolerance get out early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are less severe.

Keep a hat on your head when you are outside to help protect your head and neck from sun exposure. It will also help to keep the temperatures from rising higher from the direct sunlight on your head and neck as well.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate all Summer long as the sun and the extreme temperatures🌡will surely suck moisture from your body!

Here's some of my favorite summer activities!

1. I love to go boating on our pontoon and what I've learned to do is either go early in the morning or late in the evening if it's extremely hot. No matter what and I go I stay under the bimi cover to keep the direct Summers sun off of me.

2. I tend to hit indoor flea markets and Peddlers Mall more in the summer to stay out of the Sun but still have an enjoyable few hours of fun!

3. Once my knee gets fixed I hope to be able to start riding my horse again. Just not this fast of course! 🏇 And I'll follow the same rules as boating is that I ride in the early morning or the early evening to stay out of the intense heat of the day.

4. Even though I hate to wear hats I keep one on if I'm outside in the summer. It will do two things, it will help to keep your body's temperature from rising as the sun hit your head and neck area and literally makes them. And it will also help to keep the whole body cooler by again keeping the head in that cooler. Just find a half that's fun and it shakes your neck. I tend to buy the ones with the order under the chin so if I get to doing fun activities I don't worry about the Hat blowing off my head and me either ruining it or losing it!

That's all I thought but I'm sure there's dozens of more thoughts out in the chat room. I would love to have a lot of input on this posts so the newest members of our chat room who are still trying to get a handle on their MS will get ideas to try this summer. We want to make sure everyone can have fun being outside this summer and still be safe this summer and help to prevent any heat intolerance they might be prone to because of their MS.

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Swim Swim Swim!!! Put some kind of canopy over the pool and just swim! It's good exercise and if the pool is well kept up then the water will be cool. 😊❤🌷

Get out side chores done early in the day. Wide bream hat, cooling Vest and necktie as needed. Lots of fluids and A.C. with afternoon nap👍😎🐾 Ken


Great post Fancy1959 !

How about start a book club? Or learn a new craft? (Which I'm trying to find now😞🤔)

There are all kinds of 'quiet' things to do outside..

Ladies, knitting, cross stitch, needle point, latchook, color. ??? LIST MORE 😂🤣


Models, wood burning, build me a book shelf. 🤣 List More Please!




Hello Fancy1959,

I quilt and probably have enough stuff to do for at least 2 lifetimes!

As for other things to keep one busy:


a pastime called Diamond Dotz (mentioned in one post with a lovely photo of a butterfly using this pastime).

scrap booking (choosing supplies alone should keep you busy).

jewelry making (lots of online stores for supplies available).

writing a book (many of you have very interesting stories. Makes for lovely gifts).

photography (can be used for scrapbooking).

canning vegetables/fruits.


making your own flies for fly fishing. Then go fishing and try out your stuff.

panning for gold/metal detecting.

I have done all of these, not at the same time, though. I have tried though and it isn't pretty! Most of these pastimes can be used to make lovely gifts.

Should keep many of us out of trouble, if only for a while, and our minds busy.

Keep smilin',


Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to carolek572

Ok carolek572 um, what else ya got? Since I have done all those? Except the diamond dot that jimeka did?

I really need something to do outside! A few yrs ago a bought an old wood vanity. Maybe it's time to get on that, 🤔 now what did I do with the sand paper....



carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to Jesmcd2

Hello Jes,

I suppose that you can re-finish that old wood vanity. Doing it outside in a well ventilated area just might be okay, so long as you have roof over your head (carport) to protection against the sun and rain. For inspiration, try looking on pinterest.com.

Is it too early/late to start pruning your landscaping? How about taking up bonsai (if that is what it is), the art of pruning small plants.

Go on a walking tour with a camera/phone. For example, in Boston, the city offers tours for a reasonable price with a tour guide/historian. You don't really need a tour in a major city, I would just go around my neighborhood, with camera/phone, and take photos of interesting landscaping/plantings.

Keep smiling,


Go shopping in the early afternoon or indoor malls and movie theaters all to cut down on AC costs.

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