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Service Dog and Equipment

I live close to Paducah Ky. I am in the process of trying to find a mobilty/Service Dog. I’m waiting for a letter of being accepted or denied. I’m on disability and as we all know there is little money for extras. If approved I will have a place to stay for the 2 week team training. If a dog and I bond I will need to pay for his Equipment. $ 500-1000 dollars at that time. Prayers please. There is no cost for the dog and that is amazing after all the research I have done. Tyvm

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Hi Moorsk Nice to meet you! 😊 Sorry for the reason though.

As far as your dog question goes, maybe Bygonelines might be able to help? That's if I remember correctly.😊

Or anyone!😄

Jes 🌠🎄


Moorsk Welcome to the group, sorry for the reason. I know getting a service dog can be an expensive endeavor so getting one for free is very good. Please keep us updated on how things go.



Moorsk Welcome. Maybe you could start a Go Fund me page. I don't know anything about it, but maybe you could find someone that you know to help you.

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