3 MRIs tomorrow.

3 MRIs tomorrow.

Been dreading this day. πŸ˜•

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  • One word for you: Xanax!

  • xanax is also my friend for mri's

  • Juleigh21, You can do this! I once had 6 MRI's back to back - sure didn't like it, but if that was the worst thing I'll ever have to endure, I'm in good shape! DEGU - "Don't Ever Give Up!"

  • I feel your pain. Last time I had 3 MRIs they had to sedate me to finish. I've had a total of 8 or 9 this year. I really have lost count. A normal 20 to 30 min procedure 2 Ativan will work. Best of luck and God bless


  • Good luck. Just think that after tomorrow they will be behind you.

  • Juleigh21, I'm sorry you have to have three. Do you have the option of a little sedation? You're in my prayers.

    Please let us know how you did.

  • Good 😊 luck!!! Have you ever asked them not to let you know how long each segment is going to be. Do you have them cover your eyes πŸ‘€ and ears I do all of those things and sometimes I feel it when goes faster.

    Think positive πŸ˜ƒ

  • Try and relax, literally. I've gotten it down to nap time! It is a bit annoying though when you're repeatedly woken by a voice over the speaker telling you okay, now we're going to do this or that, OR that you have to try and stop snoring! Why no snoring? Take it from someone who's had his brain probed in those fancy tube MRI's too many times over the years to remember how many times. Never did an open MRI? Back in the days of my many MRI's, probably more than normal because of a drug trial or two thrown in, I looked at it as a chance to relax from my hectic life. I knew it was going to be a while, had to be there, no phone, no calls, why not take advantage of it? I always ran so ragged, I could fall asleep anywhere, on demand. I remember the days of Provigil & Nuvigil to keep me awake in the rush hour commute on the Kennedy into and out of Chicago to run my days sales. That was always after a half a day's work at the office first, and everyone else is first going to work I'd think to myself? Then back from sales to the office, again in rush hour now going the other way, Long days, Stop and go for so long, it took everything to keep my eyes from all but completely closing during that down time, no I mean travel time! How did I survive that, so many years? Those "air force pilot drugs" and lots and lots of coffee, that's how! That's why my bladder is now GPS equipped! Those where the good bladder days! Sedation, they'd never wake me! Again, think of it as your break time!

  • MarkUpnorth

    Open MRIs are ok for knees etc. but my understanding is. Not very good for imaging brains πŸ™

  • I never knew that. Thanks!

  • They are not I asked for one Open MRI that is I even asked for one. I asked for one that you could listen to music I guess because we would be dancing in there LOL I ask him to turn off the speaker so I don't hear the guy a girl speaking that works

  • Hey., MarkUpnorth, it really is amazing what you can do when you're relaxed. My description of the MRI is that there are 3 different sound effects after the initial klunking: 1) getting blasted with Martians' ray guns; 2) sitting on a sidewalk next to someone drilling through it with a pneumatic jack hammer; and 3) being in the middle of a war zone. I have never taken sedation, although I have been told that I could if I wanted to do so. But I always keep my eyes closed and somehow I often manage to fall asleep simply from fatigue, although I don't know how. And quite frankly, I don't even know why they bother--they do my brain and my full spine at least twice per year, but a Harvard study showed there is a complete disassociation between the scans and the symptoms in at least 25 % of MS patients. Sukie427

  • Clever! They gave up on giving me MRI's, I seem stable now for years. Actually improving, a bit. Someone needs to record the sounds so in case we forget! Don't recall if the techs can hear with the machine running. Do you think we can get that at least in stereo? They can measure if your brain is shrinking. I"m sure mine is because my memories keep getting squeezed out to somewhere else...the cloud?

  • Probably, and if that's true, what a cloud it would be! I don't think anyone would actually want to remember the sounds if they were lucky enough to forget! And if brain shrinkage is all they're measuring, then why bother? I find gray and white matter all over my pillow every morning. LOL. My brain isn't shrinking, it's leaking! And don't brains shrink with age anyway? But what I really want to know is, what the heck kind of DMT are you on that your scans are showing improvement?????

  • Non-Medical, Nutritional. Yes, now there is more and more slipping out about nutrition and auto-immune diseases. One of my neurologists (I had a couple, my company paid everyone's insurance, and it was as good as I could get for everyone, best part fully paid for.) I became intolerant of medical DMT's, flue like symptoms, almost 100% of the time, so I was directed to stop. Found out years later by my same doc., 80% of m.s. patients on DMT's eventually do. But the whole Dr. Terry Wahl's idea is what one of my neuro's told me about. Essentially a paleo diet. Honestly, just skip everything processed, and live off fruits, veggies, and lean meats. It was a long trip, as I could not eat anything for years without going comatose. So every day, I waited as long as I could......then started juicing......then vitamixing, and finally whole fruits and vegetables. Meats, fish, came back later, in small portions, like the far east. It works! Okay, my old love of pizza, I still do a couple times a year, as opposed to how many times a week.

  • From a guy who's businesses did a majority of their work for food processing plants of all types. Ironic?

  • And the guy who bought my last business, sold MRI's, CAT Scan Equipment......! Only reason he bought my business, totally unrelated, was because he was temporarily out of a job when I was selling my business. Now what's really strange!

  • I am on a whole fruits and veggies diet, also juicing and lots of vitamins, especially Bs and D3. Lots of yogurt, acai berry juice and coconut water. Try to limit red meat but am married to a major carnivore. I try to stick with fish and lamb for red meat. I hate pork and one of my dogs' wet foods is like pork mud because he had pancreatitis and it is totally vile. I told him I wouldn't put up with it for anyone but him!

  • Good! Remember to stay away from processed foods! Read labels, it will eventually become clear why.

  • Juleigh21 why 3 MRIs ?

    I typically get brain, and cervical spine with and without contrast and count that as one MRI experience since it's essentially continuous. Is your experience different?

    Anyway, hope it goes ok for you. I try to meditate or do a life review. Once I tried counting all the boys/men I ever dated 😜

  • erash how'd you remember all of their names? Juleigh21 be bold, you can do this. Just close your eyes and paint with your mind. Don't forget to go to the toilet first! Let us know how you get on, blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈

  • I am dreading this too! I go today for spine and come back for brain on 28th. Actually had braces removed for this. I don't think the one they did in June was accurate. It showed nothing. I'm sure because of metal in mouth. We will get through it Juleigh21!

  • Diva1976 I wouldn't think braces would effect the MRI as they are a different kind of metal. That is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing.


  • I didn't think so either until the doc indicated it. When I went to Dentist they seemed to be aware. I will know on the October 12th if it made a difference or not. Or if it will show nothing like it did in June. Doc said MRI with the spine should be okay. But the Brain MRI would be affected by the braces.

  • So are you done with the braces or will they have to put them back on, Diva1976?

  • They have to be put back on and I'm trying to fight the ridiculous charge of $500 the dentist wants to charge. After they initially told me it would be no charge due to health reasons. A bunch of he say she say B.S.

  • Yikes! Not only is it a pain to have them taken off and then put back on, but to have the dentist say one thing and then another? I'm sorry. I hope he/she agrees to do as originally said. And I hope this doesn't cause you stress--and upset where your MS is concerned. πŸ’•

  • Diva1976 I supposed they didn't put anything in writing that there would be no charge to put them back on? Really can't believe some doctors/dentists! Well I hope there is some kind of difference for making you have to go through all of this. Please keep us updated when you can.


  • Yes, I will definitely keep u all posted on results.

  • Diva1976 , see, this is exactly what I am talking about. Since 2010 when I was first diagnosed, I have been told that I have more lesions on my cord, both cervical and thoracic, than actually in my brain. I had the brain and C-spine done, but because I've been having this ridiculously severe nerve pain, I asked the neuro to order another T-spine, w/ and w/o contrast, which had not been done since I moved to AZ from FLA in 2015. My pain dr had ordered MRI w/o contrast for my L-spine to view the fracture I got at the L-1 in October last year and also to gage the spinal stenosis to see if the gross narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal could be the cause of the nerve pain. So I decided that since I was going anyway, I thought that I would get both the C and T spines done at the same time. Although I gave the MRI place both scripts from the different drs and explained that the T-spine was for MS lesions and had nothing to do with the L-spine scan, the idiot radiologist who read the scans related both scans to the fracture/spinal stenosis (i.e., the potential sources of the nerve pain), and reported that there was NOTHING on the T-spine, because obviously patients are stupid and don't know what they're talking about so why listen to them? Obviously he wasn't looking for MS lesions in the T-spine or misread the scan entirely, but he reported to my neuro that there was nothing on the T-spine, this after my neuro in Florida had found enough T-spine lesions to warrant sending me for a blood test for NMO, which thankfully came back negative. I called the neuro and spoke to his "MS coordinator" and said that the report was wrong and that before I had begun treating with this particular neurologist I had sent him my complete medical record from Florida which included all of the discs and reports and all of the MRIs I had had and told her that I was sending her the actual new T-spine disc and that it needed to be compared to the old ones--DUH. She then told me that the office did not have any of the scans, reports or records that I had provided them per their request. I gave her the name of the MRI centers where I had had all of the scans in Fla and demanded that she get them again. The moral: We must understand and be on top of our own condition because the docs don't remember and often don't get it and we need to be able to stand up to them and make them do it right. We are all trained from a young age that the dr knows best and never to question a medical professional--BULL COOKIES! We not only to need to question but also to advocate. If your doc doesn't get that or gets resentful, time to find someone else. In the meantime, I'm still waiting to hear about the actual results of my latest T-spine MRI. MS sucks on so many levels. Sukie427

  • Yes it does Sukie427, MS isn't nice to a lot of us! We definitely do have to be our own advocate. It's important to be in tune with your health. My doc had forgot I had JC virus and was thinking of prescribing some MS med that could possibly have some reaction. I said no I have JC virus remember. From that date he noted it at the top of my file. I hope u get your results soon that can clarify to docs what u know u are feeling. And also for them to compare the history with your other ones.

  • Praying for both of you today, Juleigh21 and Diva1976. πŸ’•

  • Thank u Tutu!

  • I feel your pain Will be praying for you. Is listening to music with headset an option? When I go they put them on me and ask what type of music I want to listen too

  • MRI's never bothered me unless they had to do contrast. My veins are hiding and they end up sticking the back of my hand. Burns pretty bad. In general I nearly fall asleep as I'm spread pretty thin. No phones, no kids bothering me, not at work... A mini vacation for me! I like the simple demand of "hold still". I can do that!

    I understand not everyone is like me so I hope yours goes easily and you are comfortable during it. Ask for a washcloth over your eyes if you don't like small places. And a blanket so you're comfy. Hopefully you will find it easier and less stressful than you'd imagined.

  • Juleigh21 I have had 3 at one time. It's not bad I just have them put on my favorite music and close my eyes and pretend I am on a beach somewhere. It works pretty well. I have a pretty good imagation.

  • See if they'll give you headphones and let you listen to music. Just don't start rocking and rolling in the machine! Sukie

  • So, how did the MRI(s) go? Or did I miss something in the thread here? I you ( Juleigh21 -- nor Diva1976 ) won't get the results today, but let us know when you do. We'll be waiting, too. Hope you both rest well this evening. πŸ’•

  • It seem long this time Tutu. My spine felt heated. Don't know what that was about. I go back this Thursday for brain. I will definitely keep u all posted when doc go over results 10/12/17

  • Heated? Never had that with a MRI. Now a c-scan with contrast? 😳 I was sure I'd wet myself while lying on the table. 😱But I often get that warm 'just-wet-my-pants' MS sensation. I later found out that is a common experience brought on by the c-scan contrast. But I've never experienced heat in the MRI. Maybe others have...?

    So you'll know on the 12th...I sure hope our spreadsheet experts are keeping track of all of this. Karen-x? Bamfan1442? Have missed hearing from you two! πŸ’•

  • Yeah it was weird! I said for all I'm going through. I truly hope doc will know if aubagio is working or not. I just received, I think good news. I called Dentist this morning about that charge because it's been bothering me. She indicated they have worked it in where I don't have to worry about it. I SAID ARE YOU SURE! Being that it was something different last week. She said yeah!. I will see on the 5th. So I'm a bit more calm from that incident.

  • Excellent news! I hope you got that woman's name. πŸ˜‰ (My husband has echoed this over the years when I've spoken to someone over the phone and been given a quote or had something cancelled, etc.) Now try to let it go and don't worry about it. I do hope all goes as planned on the 5th! πŸ’•

  • Fingers crossed, thank u!

  • Hi Tutu! Oh forget me and those spreadsheets. Of course, I take that back as I am cured and have the ability now.

  • Yay!! So happy to hear you are still symptom free. πŸŽ‰And can't wait to get a copy of that spreadsheet in my hands. πŸ˜‚

  • Had my three today. Not fun and the best answer is status quo. Ugh

  • Njjack1, praying it's 'status quo' for you. Let us know when you hear. Hope your follow-up appt isn't too far away. πŸ’•

  • I am so happy for you πŸ‘‹πŸ˜€πŸŽƒ

    I had to put the pumpkin in there LOL

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