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This week and MS

As I look over the posts of this week, I am astounded at the patience(patients) we all have endured.It is the outside world that is not normal and we are the more normal.compassion and help exists on this site which I can not say for all medical field....Here we give each other a break and bolster up the infirmed or just plain tired of it souls and carry one anothers burdens.We are loved in a strange way of social media.We have experts, we have new babies, we have pain specialists that are in the middle of it and we have progress.Our hands reach across continents and get thru each day.If MS has taught me anything it is to be grateful to those who care.To those who don't...run like heck.....or keep on truck'n...

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I agree with you that we have more patience with each other than others do but I do have to say I don't know about you but I can't run like heck any more LOL

I remember watching jurassic park and tell my youngest if there are dinosaurs run for your life I'll slow them down. He said to me mommy I don't want them no get you. What do you say to that. You know now he would say mom I'll pick you up. That's my son.


Well said!!! Gratitude goes such a long way! By the way, I'm grateful you wrote and shared that!


Jackiesj. You said it well. Even if no one understands normal I agree we are more normal than those other normal folks even understand. Thumbs up for our version of normal.

God bless you Jackie.


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