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I just saw a picture with me in it that was taken last week. OMG - my gray hair made me look like a little gray mouse and I thought I would talk with my hairdresser about some color the next time I was in. Low and behold, when I was shopping, a lady stopped me to compliment me on my gray hair! She said it is even the fad for young people to try to get my color. Made me feel so much happier with my hair! Let's all try to say something nice to someone today!

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How wonderful that woman took the time to say something to you! I often think things, but don't voice them. The times I have, the recipient's (stranger's) face has lit up. By the way, I love gray hair--always have, even before mine starting turning that color. 😊

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It's amazing what a kind word can do help change your while day!😊💕

J 🌠

BTW I'm happy you ALL are my friends and family!💕 That's from the heart!j.

Yes it is, don't change it! My mom and MIL are both rocking their gray and it looks lovely. Takes a while to grow out.

Gray hair is hip now!

SueAB, thank you for posting this. It's so true how much a little comment, which costs us nothing, can lift someone's mood or make their day.

SueAB Agree! Love is contagious! Pass it on! 😀

SueAB I love your post! Every morning when I pray I ask that I can give back more than I take. I have found that those kind words are often the key to that prayer. Love, Kelly

I never minded going gray. The only time I colored it was to go on job interviews.

Mine is mostly grey as well. Isn't it nice that this is a popular color now? But I have a t-shirt that says "Inside this old woman is a young woman wondering what the hell happened"... Believe it or not that was my 95 year old mom's shirt!

Long grey streaked originally brown hair and proud here ! No plans to colour or cut short. I'm comfortable with it ( all that counts ) and partner loves my long hair ( bonus ) Grey is the new black, brunette, blonde and red ! : ) x

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