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Weekend already?Didnt I just write this?MS and life


Cant believe that went so fast.Had cat scan of sinus and the gentle man was sooo funny.Now I see how much we have already done to downsize and it feels good.Need a prayer for my husband, last 3 weeks he is slurring his words, unbalanced, driving not usual but the doc wont talk to me because of HEPA laws.Gonna try to go face to face with doc on Monday.He has no tingling etc BP and sugar fine Can lack of oxygen do this he is COPD.All of a sudden he isn't hisself.Slurring, tired, irratic.then until he gets in bed so no clue.Depression wouldn't cause the slurring which he noticed and so did a drive thru resturaunt guy....any ideas?Thanks you all, for sharing and caring and your talents also!

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Your husband can grant permission for the doctor to talk to you. Both me and my husband have signed paperwork allowing this.

Doubled51 in reply to melack01

Melack01. My wife and I have the thing. She's able to talk to any of my Dr's and I am hers. She went with me to all my first ms appts because I am terrible at remembering everything they said. I get memory overload very easy. Plus I suffer with CRN. Can't remember nothing. Lol.

melack01 in reply to Doubled51

My husband goes to all f my neurology appointments for basically the same reasons.

jackiesj in reply to melack01


Could he be having a stroke or a TIA? My dad had a eyelid that was drooping. We made him go to the ER. They admitted him, did all kinds of tests and found nothing. One week later he had a massive stroke.

jackiesj in reply to Iona60

I am so sorry to hear this..i know by experience these tests are not conclusive.I had ekgs, blood bp et and had a quad bypass all on shock to doc and me.I weigh 120 and had stopped eating cheese potatoes bread sauces totally for over a year not knowing.Enjoy life a bit its too short.

Iona60 in reply to jackiesj

jackiesj Now that I am retired, just having less stress is helping me to enjoy life so much more! Don't forget that you can always take your husband to the ER if symptoms worsen.

jackiesj it is you that has ms? From what you are saying about your husband, it sounds as though he is having a relapse. Whatever is causing his symptoms, he needs checking out by your doctor. Please let us know how you both get on, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🤗 🙏

jackiesj in reply to jimeka

yes its me that has MS and so...this is a pickle....

jackiesj, my mom was acting strangely, extremely forgetful, etc. her doctor sent her to the ER in an ambulance when she showed up for a regular check-up acting not like herself. I met her at the ER and the doc there said she had Alzheimer's. I was stunned because of the doc's lack of bedside manners. My mom was devastated. Further testing showed she was dehydrated and needed oxygen. The Alzheimer's diagnosis was reversed.

I hope your husband sees a doctor or goes to the ER. So many things could be causing his problems.

You must feel helpless and filled with concern. I assume you've voiced your concern to your husband? I hope he listens to you and you (both) get answers. 🙏💕

jackiesj in reply to Tutu

Thank you for all the info and blessings of this site...he does have oxygen issues because of copd.I have been with a nurse friend of mine when she was totally losing it....all due to oxygen but will check out the other.If it were a stroke coming on he would have done it weeks ago...again I'm so grateful for this site.Sanity....

jackiesj in reply to Tutu

I am so sorry about getting news in that way.They now teach a lesson on bedside manners but....they either got it or they don't.Definitely have power of attorney but no paper to carry with me.....He is combative so getting close to him, manly man has to be talked into its his idea...sheesh cant believe the truth hurts that bad......thank you for sharing, hope mom is ok

Tutu in reply to jackiesj

Mom is doing much better these days, jackiesj. Thank you. I hope it is oxygen issues for your husband and nothing more. That's enough as it is. Hope you both (he) gets help and answers soon. 💕


You and hubby need to go to ER or doctor. You need to be there to tell doc about his behavior. Best to you both.


Can your husband add you to his HIPAA form so you can receive his info?

Does sound scary!

jackiesj in reply to erash

Great idea!

jackiesj Oh dear, sounds like a stroke or TIA. Please go to ER. Sending you prayers.

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