My husband told me our fence line was covered in blackberry bushes. I never bothered looking before, but now, since as TuTu mentioned today, self-isolation has become my norm, I went for a walk around the perimeter and sure enough they were ripe, so I started picking and eating!! Don't have the energy to stand and pick a bucketful for cobbler, but I can go out and eat every day!

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  • Love it agapepilgrim I should check mine tomorrow!😁

    We're they good?πŸ˜‹

    J 🌠

  • Jesmcd2 not very sweet, but they were the best to me, standing in my own back yard, breathing in fresh air, eating right off the bush! They were not bitter, good enough to eat all I had the energy to remain standing!

  • Hi agapepilgrim! The house I sold last fall had a greenbelt behind the fence with blackberries growing wild. Every year I would have to cut them back as they tried to crawl over my fence and take over everything. This was after picking the berries of course!

  • I'm so happy to see your picture and hear of your outing today, agapepilgrim!! Thanks for sharing.

    When we moved to Washington 11 years ago, I was thrilled because we had blackberry bushes surrounding our property. (We'd never lived where berry bushes grew like that.) Within 2 years I was trying to kill them! They grow like weeds here and take over everything. But my grandkids love picking them (not getting stuck by the thorns, though 😬) and we've made great memories when the kids have made their own blackberry cobblers. Yum! Can I have ice cream with mine? πŸ¨πŸ’•

  • agapepilgrim great to see you out and about. I do not like blackberry season here in the uk, as the birds fly over the washing line and make red deposits all over the white washing, yuk. Back to the washing machine! πŸ¦‹ 🌈

  • @jmeka yea, and their poop is reddish!! They are all over our yard but frank will sit outside when he hangs the wash out and usually keeps them away! He is so good!

  • agapepilgrim, it's a joy to hear that you enjoyed some time outside and got to enjoy those berries. We grow numerous varieties of berries, but I still adore wild blackberries! I used to make an oocasional batch of blackberry liqueur we named "The Recipe" in honor of the Baldwin sisters on The Waltons TV show. Oh, those wonderful berries!

  • @agapepilgrim , What a nice treat to look forward to every day! Sometimes little things mean so much!

  • Tutu my outings and trying to keep my therapy garden watered, etc is causing severe back spasms and trigger points in should and mid back pain about level #8-10 every evening. Nothing helps. Soak in Epsom salts, massage with pain relief oils from Frank, ice packs, heating pad----if I can't find something to stop the pain, so I am ready to stay in bed! And that's just 2 hrs a day. Any suggestions for the back and shoulder pain? Already on muscle relaxes. Two hydrocsne 5 mg doesn't touch it. Back to the bed for me!!!

  • Yikes! That's sad, agapepilgrim. All that pain following pleasure? ☹️ Two hours might be a long time to start with. Can you do a little and build up? I don't know if that's the answer, but I like being outside so much that I'd try that before giving up. The only thing I can offer for your pain (and sadness over this) is prayer. Will pray each time I think of you...and hope someone else here may have another answer to share with you. πŸ’πŸŒΈ

  • Tutu thanl you. I do pray a lot. My goal is to stay in Hos presence and do His will throughout every day. Jesus is the one through His Spirit that encourages me to get out up and get dressed every day and do a little something. I give Him all the glory. I had come to a giving place this time a year ago. My problem is that when I start something like cutting down and pulling up the weeds and grass growing tightly to each tree I don't stop til each tree is done!! Thats who I am. But it's never over 2-3 hours. I started with 30 minutes. Gotta go to doctor today for ongoing rashes on body. I think reaction to Capoxone but neurologist says can't be unless at injection site see primary care my first bout looked like shingles but NP said no, allergic reaction I called Capaxone and she said in clinical trials 2% has skin and subcutaneous rashes Steroid cream clears it up but breaks I put elsewhere, so going for 2nd visit if it is Capoxone, don't know what I will do I have very compromised immune system and all of He other DMTs I've tried cause major flare ups of bronchi or asthma, etc which I already have But, one day at a time, right? Appt with neurologist 7/18 and new MRI I think it's progressing But God is my Father and I know in my heart, the body doesn't matter (Sometimes my mind forgets that, I pray, and have peace again! Have a blessed rewarding day for your work you are doing helping others

  • I hope you're able to determine the cause of the rash and get it under control, agapepilgrim. I sure hope it isn't the Copaxone. πŸ˜¬πŸ’•

  • Tutu my rash is getting worse. It's on both arms, like a row of little clusters of blisters, and on stomach, without about 15 single whelps on legs and back. Can't do much til get culture comes back. The itching has me double fatigued. No picking blackberries. Lol. I wake up wanting to claw at my arms but grab some steroid cream. I can hardly afford the hydroxine anti itching med neurologist prescribed $40 one month. But he said it wasn't from Capoxone Doctors!!!! Grrrr!!! Waiting game. Hey, one of my favorite scriptures "they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." So I am reading His Word today and having my tea and wondering what I can eat. I have lost my appetite! Appreciate all your encouraging words to everyone.

  • Aww I'm just now reading all of this agapepilgrim 😒 and I'm sorry about your rashes. I wish there was something I could do for you! All I can do is suggest is an Oatmeal bath! That's supposed help.

    Feel better soonπŸ’•

    J 🌠

  • Jesmcd2 I remember oatmeal baths! Colloidal oatmeal I can buy in packages for baths! It is good! MS is treacherou though! So frustrating. My back was having bad spasms so I decided to soak in hot bath with lots of baking soda and thought it would help my rash to, with Epsom salts. I was very hot, so made water lukewarm then coolerand felt so good on the rash. But the cooler the water got, the MORe spasms my back had! So I had to turn hot water on quickly for my back and keep arms out of water, when hot enough spasms stopped! I bet healthy people wouldn't believe our stories!!! Say, it's all our imaginatio!!Yea, right. But everyone here believes me! I will go to town and get the oatmeal after while.

  • Aww Bless Your Heart!πŸ’• Hang in there!

    And you bet we know what your talking about! Been dealing with back spasms all dayπŸ˜– 😀 Up and down all day trying to get comfy!😐

    I hope the oatmeal works for you! I know Aveeno makes a good one.😊

    J 🌠

  • Oh yeah an regular ol calamine lotion?πŸ˜•?

  • Jesmcd2 thank you much!!!! I forgot about that wonderful stuff! I took

    A tub soak on it and essential peppermin oil for an hour and had no pain or itching for several hours!!!! Wonderful!!Tests came back negative to herpes virus, so called neurologist and asked for earlier appt. they had cancellatio and going tomorrow!!!

  • Do you have poison oak or ivy near the blackberries, agapepilgrim? What you have sounds unbearable. I assume your doc determined it isn't shingles either. I guess that is more localized in one area and the pain is horrendous. But itching can be as bad as pain. Just prayed Psalm 3:3-5 for you, dear friend. I hope and pray you get relief...and an answer...soon.πŸ’•

  • @Tutu just got results back. Not herpes virus. Thank you for prayer! Good scripture. My devotion this morning led to scripture "my times are on His hands,". I called neurologist for earlier appt than 3 weeks and they had cancellationtomorrow. Primary care said if it wasn't herpes virus it must be allergic reaction! Goodbye capaxone! Well, I'm hoping he says go a month without it and see if clears up. It just keeps showing up in other places!

  • Happy to hear you get to see your neuro tomorrow. Praying he has an answer for you. You need relief! Hang in there...πŸ’ž

  • I'm glad the bath worked for you agapepilgrim that stuff works great!😊 Let me know how your appt goes!😁

    J 🌠

  • What a lovely happy pic ! : ) On the fields at the back of where I live, we have blackberries and red and yellow plums. I'm no cook but my sister is so I gather them and take them down to her - then I get to share in the pies later : ) x

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