Does anyone use walking /hiking poles for balance to get around?

My Neuro wants me to try walking sticks to get around instead of my hurrycane. Time to address my decline in balance and increase spasticity, I guess🙄

My doc sent me to EMS( outdoor sports store) to "try" a pair out. Have to admit physically I can see the benefits.I struggle mentally. I HATE feeling like I stick out like a sore thumb. Hard to let go of that small % of vanity I have left.

Researching on Amazon there are a lot of choices. Can anyone help make a recommendation? Your help is appreciated! Have a wonderful day

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  • I would get the Sminiker Professional walking canes/sticks .

    That sounds like a great idea from your doc. Good luck

  • Woadij,

    Thanks for the tip 😉

  • You're welcome WonderMom. I hope you finds what works best for you.

  • To wonder woman this is ssdw1958 I know it is hard when you need assistance with walking but I now use a rollator it's a walker with wheels, it also has hand breaks what is real good it has a seat so where you get tiered you can sit down. I know how you feel. I have to say about the poles watch out for the tips so they are not too sharp. Good luck.

  • Ssdw1958,

    Thanks for the support

  • I use a rollator too. I feel a lot more stable using it instead of the cane.

  • WonderMom, I can't offer a suggestion as to which sticks to try. But I can empathize with the vanity thing. I've started using a cane nearly everywhere but home, since I never know when a muscle spasm may hit or my balance get a little off kilter. I admit that the cane makes me feel a little conspicuous and maybe less able. It isn't as easy an adjustment as I thought it would be. But when a spasms hits, I'm really grateful to have the support. The cane also reminds me to slow down my pace, which tends to return to a very fast pace if I'm not thinking about it, and that fast pace usually triggers spasms.

    I imagine you will look very stately and regal with your new sticks and less bruised as you prevent falls.

  • Greaterexp

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I recall when I first got a quad cane,I felt the same way. I banged that thing into everything,now that was conspicuous 😉. I decided to embrace it and glammed it up. I even strung Christmas lights on it. Then I graduated? To my hurrycane and felt less conspicuous .but that's how the MS pendulum goes I guess..?

    Wheelchair to walker to quad cane to hurrycane to sticks.I just keep adding to my collection.

  • I hope you'll share a picture of your Christmas light adornment! I've actually thought about that, but you pulled it off for real!

    You'll do great with your new sticks.

  • I have been using trekking poles, Black Diamond. They help me walk on pavements, ... and in the winter I can change the tips for the snow and ice. I had a PT from Finland who didn't want me to use a walker because I was bending over too much. My neuro and her sister in law with MS love them.

  • TonyiaRobinson7,

    Those are actually the pair I "Test drove". They seemed nice.Do you have the fixed height or adjustable height? I was surprised how light weight they were.

  • Hi Wondermom, I hope you decide on some poles for walking. I have seriously thought about getting a pair too. I've looked on websites for suggestions and also videos on how to use them. Really good exercise and great for the upper body/core too. Good luck.

  • Hi gatorman15

    Haven't decided yet on a pair. You should get a pair too! Thanks for the input

  • I use a rollator for long distance walking, a cane for short distances, walking poles when taking a walk in the park. The walking sticks take a little getting used to as far as rhythm goes. I use black diamond walking sticks from REI. They are expensive but light weight. They have different sizes depending on your height. It is better to use a walking aid than falling on your face or back.

  • Hi RobertCalifornia

    Yes, the black diamond sticks were very light weight. Thanks for the tip.

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