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Hi there my fellow MS peeps

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I am newly diagnosed with MS and ready to battle and grab this disease by the horns and conquer! Excited to go on this journey without all of you.

13 Replies
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Hi and Welcome brigetteb to our MSAA Community 😊 Although I hate the reason for for it.😠 Hang on, it's going to be the ride of your life.😊

We are all going through the same thing, or have been or might be. But we are all in this together!💕 So here we have a safe place to come together, to make friends, compare notes, make jokes, get information, but most importantly get Support!💕😊

Pull up a chair, make yourself at home and tell us about you😀

Jes 🌠

~Helpful Hint~ If you put an @ in front of the person your addressing, they will be notified. Example: @ jesmcd2 (with no spaces. )🌠

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Welcome to the club no one really wants to belong to, brigetteb . 😉. You'll find we're a friendly and supportive group, so make yourself at home.

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Hello, nice to meet you.

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Hi Bridgetteb!! I'm glad you got here!!! And I hope you meet LOTS of people, and get answers to ANY questions you have!! I think it is a GREAT site!!! And may you have a GOOD day!!

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Welcome aboard this rocky but friendly and compassionate journey. I to am recently diagnosed but am learning quickly that it's a wild ride. There are many great compassionate people and somebody that's been thru whatever you going thru. Good luck and God bless.

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Welcome, brigetteb . We're happy you're here, but not happy you have MS. We look forward to getting to know you! 💕

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Welcome to the party! 🎉

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brigetteb , I'm glad you found such a great site if you must travel the MS highway! I look forward to learning more about you. You'll find making friends here, even though it's via the internet, is a blessing since we all really understand and can empathize and encourage one another.

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Welcome brigetteb I hope you find comfort, good advice, and some bantering amongst friends.

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Hello Brigetteb welcome here great peeps with great information!!

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Hold On Tight cuz it's a long bumpy road. Welcome to our group

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Bridgetteb hello and welcome to this awesome chat from Fancy1959. You have found space to call and ask questions, voiced concerns, or simply speak to someone who truly understands what you are going through. Please don't be so quick to dismiss us on your journey with MS. We have all been down the winding path that is full of detours and potholes and we can offer a lending hand when you stumble and fall. And believe me you will fall and we understand this because we have all fallen as we navigated our way down this rocky and winding path.

Your positive attitude is fantastic but believe me you will need all the support you can find at different times along your journey with MS. Remember we are only a post away if you need someone to talk to. The more you interact with us the quicker we can get to know you. We have much we can learn from each other. I'll look forward to talking to you soon and until we can you please take care. Remember that together we are stronger!

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Hi brigetteb, welcome to the group!

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