Robin Stalking

Robin Stalking

For many days, this robin has been repetitively flying up to a bedroom window and usually trying to perch there for several seconds. He always follows me as I move around the room, but what is really strange is that when I go downstairs, he comes to a window there. Up, down, up, down for hours sometimes. Amusing or a little creepy? Is there a little Hitchcock theme here?

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  • I'd say he or she has a crush on you. Probably trying to determine if that beautiful tree is a safe place to build a nest. We had a mocking bird wanting to build a nest in our Bougainvilla right by our kitchen window. I kept chasing it away as if would not be safe with our great big kitty would be watching.

  • It sounds like you have a friend just kidding my son told me when he had been at the kitchen table he has been a observing a robin at our next door neighbors house flying into their window there is a tree right by the window. So I don't know what to tell you. I didn't know what to say to him it is that time of year they are laying egg. ????

    Who knows by your picture there are branches so maybe she's trying to make a nest. Good luck!


  • I suspected he/she sees his/her reflection in the windows, but that's not very romantic. A stalking bird sounds much more "noir."

  • Hi Erin, in the uk, when a robin appears to you and is close by, it's considered a blessing from heaven. I have one in my garden that comes within arms length and sings to me. I call it Fred after my dear departed dad. Blessings Jimeka

  • jimeka Hubby wants to know, if it's still considered a blessing when it stalks you? greaterexp We have to keep our car mirrors covered in plastic bags because the blue birds keeping thinking their reflections are possible mates and poop all over the mirrors.

  • Sounds like what we say about small white butterflies. I just saw one yesterday for the first time this year jimeka. Say hi to Fred for me! I wouldn't doubt at all he/she is a loved one (or at least in love)

    I do think greaterexp you are being watched...definitely noir! Love it! One of my favorite style of books/movies.

  • I bet there's a good omen to be found somewhere in here greaterexp

    Then again, they say this if a bird poops on you too 😅

  • Oops...I hadn't read what jimeka said but see, a good omen 😉

  • Maybe he's like the bird in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! Or maybe he has MS with a little "cog fog."

  • Hee hee-bird with cog fog! Sounds like me-I'm a bird and have cog fog all the time!


    P.S. I LOVE anything by C.S. Lewis. I started with the Chronicles of Narnia!

  • jennie62, I'm a fan of CSL, too. What an amazing and creative mind! I read the whole series to my kids several times, and have read several of his other nonfiction books.

    I hope my little bird isn't trying to lead me, however. I can't say I'd follow him into the windows headfirst over and over!

  • greaterexp I always made sure the kids I cared for as a teen, then my daughter had the whole series of books too (already have a set for my granddaughter-haha).

    CSL had such a creative mind...I'm always reading (or listening) to his work(s). Trying to decide if I really want to read/listen to The Screwtape Letters. (I've been trying to write how he wrote since I was in 6th grade).

    Your bird doesn't sound like he/she would lead you astray. If anything, the bird is watching and making sure you're okay.

  • Oh, do read Screwtape! Wonderful insights there!

    My bird friend is evidently fickle; I haven't seen or heard him today. Birds...

  • Will make sure to read it now! As much as I know about Screwtape it sounds like a good read.

    Your bird must be a male...BIG GRIN!

  • You're a stitch!

  • As long as you don't say that with a B.


  • Never, ever. Tut tut!

  • Ahhh... spring time and the boyz are full of fight... he's protecting his claim on your little spot of Mother Earth... He just thinks his reflection is trying to claim his spot...

  • I think that is awesome. What happens if you go outside? Have you tries going out and sitting to see if it come near you?

  • He still stays mainly in the same area. I expect a dive bomber incident from him, but he stays mainly in the same two trees.

  • Ha ha ha, that is funny! Or creepy! Maybe it thinks you are its mother.

    Birds fly into our windows sometimes, mostly in the Spring. They see their reflection (it is usually the males) and think it is a rival bird. They sometimes will just keep attacking for hours (with small breaks in between the attacks) Those little things sure have lots of energy!

  • I thought after a few good knocks to the head he'd give up, but he keeps it up all morning and has for days. Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? Good thing they have remarkable skulls; I'd have quite the headache!

  • greaterexp What a wonderful, determined expression you captured on Robin! The wild birds that come and go bring so many pleasures with their songs and flashes of color. I'm with Jimeka. They are a blessing and so soon after Earth Day, imagine a world without them...

  • greaterexp how is the house selling/buying going? Maybe the robin wants you out OR doesn't want you to leave 😂?

  • Aha! A connection! One way or the other! I'll let you decide which it is.

  • It's really amazing about the Robin. That is my favorite bird. Three summers ago I found a robin nest on my drain pipe on the second floor outside my bedroom window with two blue eggs in it. We had no idea when they built this nest. The eggs hatched and they had two babies. I watched them every day. I would sing to them. And one day after a few weeks they were quite large and hardly had room in the nest, I saw them that morning and when I came home later on they were gone. I never saw them again. And for the past two years I kept hoping they would return and I've learned that Robins doncome back to the same area where they lived or were born. Last year I know they were back because they were on my neighbor's roof looking over at my house but no one ever came to rebuild the nest. This year however they have returned to the bushes near the drain where the nest used to be and I see them very visibly bringing in supplies to build a nest.I knew it had to be the same bird or it's family because just the day before yesterday they were on the roof of my neighbor again staring at the house and just sitting there. I'm a little worried about the spot they chose as it is much closer to the ground and in the spot where my neighbor and we pass on a regular basis.I did tell my neighbor not to trim the bushes or to get near where the nest is which she does understand. She does as we do have to mow her grass once in a while but I don't think that will deter them. At least I hope it doesn't deter them. I left a few blueberries out there and some dried mealy worms which I bought just this year for other birds in my yard.

    But I do find it amazing that the Robin follows you and hangs onto the Window where you are. I wonder if he or she sees the reflection in the window and think it's another bird! The male Robin has the most beautiful song unlike any of the others around here so I can usually pick it out. I have not really heard him this year but I think it happens around mating time.

    They are so entertaining. Now that my kids are gone so my nest is empty and on my animals have passed away from old age, I enjoy watching the birds come to the feeders which I have bought but especially happy to see the Robins nearby. Robins do not like seeds; I throw out a few blueberries to them now and then. I did this with the previous nest and then in the two years in between I would throw out blueberries no guarantee they would get them but I have seen now and then a Robin pick up a blueberry in it's path. I would like to plant some blueberry bushes shortly.

    Sorry for the long post but I was very excited when you posted about the Robin on your window. It was quite a nice picture you were able to shoot!

  • itasara,

    I enjoyed your post! We grow numerous berries and grapes on our farm and must net them if we hope to harvest any. I'm rather ignorant about most birds, but with the abundant produce and the 2 ponds, we get such delight in the myriad birds and waterfowl that live with us. It's very calming to watch them.

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