Knee hyperextended

My MS has caused me to have foot drop on the right leg. I've had it for years and have managed it with with AFO braces. Now I'm experiencing quite a bit of pain in my right knee because I "lock" my knee when standing and walking. Has anyone else had pain from a hyperextended knee due to MS mobility issues? How did you manage and treatthe issue?

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  • Hello KarenUSA Sorry about your knee pain. There are many knee braces to help with hyperextension. Perhaps it's time for a call to your neuro or gp to get a script for physical therapy to help with the pain and evaluate for a knee brace.

    I too have right foot drop and wear an afo. The orthotist told me I also hyperextend my right knee. I need to make a conscious effort when walking to try not to let it hyperextend but I suppose it is just a matter of time before a knee brace to prevent hyperextension is needed

  • KarenUSA , oh my gosh, yes. My right knee has overextended since I was a teen, and as my mobility declined, the knee has gotten worse. I have both an AFO and a brace called a Swedish knee cage to support the knee and keep it from hyperextending any more. It's clunky, but without the support it's exceptionally painful.

    I have a baclofen pump to manage my spasticity, but I need some of that tone to stand and make transfers.

  • We have a similar disease course. I too have a baclofen pump and it helps with spasticity. The knee cage I wear is also clunky. But, it does help the knee pain. I wear it on top of my clothes and it is so "visible" I get many offers of help to hold doors, etc. I'm going to persue a device called a KAFO. (Knee ankle foot orthotic). My doctor suggested it earlier but I wasn't ready for such a contraption. Since the pain from hyperextending my knee is so much worse, the KAFO may be the best option. Maybe it will be easier to wear than strapping on 2 devices.

  • KarenUSA

    My physical therapist suggested a KAFO also, but the orthotist felt it was overkill. I'm not dealing with a lot of pain, so we decided not to pursue it further at this time.

    I get asked all the time about my 'injury' and when I 'll be out of the brace. Haha. Since I use a wheelchair, I take the brace off in some situations, so I don't have to explain it. 😕

  • Yes, I also have. But I can't offer anything for handling because I need info also. Good luck!

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