Thank you everyone who made such detailed, compassionate, helpful and kind remarks about bowel issues. This community's caring has been so encouraging to me, knowing I am not alone in this disease. Is it Okay to allow someone in my family to read these posts to help them understand their Mother?

I am currently dealing with a difficult upper respiratory infection and slow response. Went to first care clinic and next day to ER. My chest hurt so badly to cough it was awful. Chest x-ray was clear. Finally turning a corner . Was told improving will be slow with MS. Did not take a flu shot because someone I know followed with Guillian Berrea syndrome. That can be major setback. Lots of controversy about flu shots by neurologists. Maybe next year, Lord willing.

Thank you all who read this blog,


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  • Hi Joc-1942, you have had it rough. Thank God your X-ray was clear, so it must ave been a virus. My grandson has had a viral cough for 2 months and now he is loosing his voice, which maybe a blessing in disguise. Just joking, my sister and a friend have been like you, and they say it hurts real bad when they cough. Hoping and praying you are on the mend real soon, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • @jimeka, thank you for your your concern and prayers.. I have found that sleeping in my MS motorized chair with a vaporizer is good also. I had just been told by another doctor's office to cut back on my activities and stimulation so this week is good for renewal.

  • Sometimes it seems like we just can't get ahead, doesn't it Joc-42? As jimeka said, I'm happy to hear your X-ray was clear. There is a nasty virus going around. 😷 The cough hangs on forever. I pray you soon feel much better and regain your strength. I don't understand your doctor's reference to MS causing a slow recovery, but then again, I'm not a doctor and these days I'm easily confused.

    Personally, I have no problem with you sharing anything I wrote concerning bowel issues. Hopefully that will help your family better understand you and your needs. I find those I love do their best to understand us and all of our symptoms. But sometimes it's hard for us to explain, and sometimes it's hard for them to get it. Praying you feel better and that you and your doctor are able to find the best remedy for your MS symptoms. 💕

  • @tutu, yes I have heard also that this can linger for long time and then return, but I hope not. We live in an instant everything culture, so waiting is not easy but beneficial.

  • Glad you are starting to feel better. Dr. Thought that I had Guliane beret before they started suspecting MS which was just last summer. Hope your friend is feeling better and you too !!

  • @chalfeechick. That must have been very scary. Yes this gal has improved but it took a long time. Still has some residual issues.

  • This site is here to help you to understand and live with your MS by asking questions and sharing your issues with us. If it helps you by sharing the posts with someone else then of course share. I hope it helps.

  • Thank you for your kind remarks.

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