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Love Your Pet Day

Did you know that there is a National Pet Day coming up in February?

Not that anyone needs an excuse like a "national holiday" to give your pet extra attention and adoration, but having a pet of any kind can be a huge source of comfort. Whether you spend time cuddling your furry friend or simply talking out a problem to an attentive animal, our pets are the additional care partners in our lives.

In what ways have your pets been there to support you?

And, by all means, include photos!

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My dog Razor has seen me through 5 ops in 5 years, never left my side. He was my rock.


My little kitty girl, Tux, is my daytime companion. She follows me around and sometimes even rides on the back of my chair. We like to sit in the sun and watch the birds in trees in the backyard. She's a daddy's girl though, so when Hubby gets home, she's all over him. Lol.


My big kitty, Boston is my round the clock companion. He seems to have specific meows for what he wants. He has a blanket just for him on the foot of the bed. He will lead me to bed when he's ready. Most special, he will call me "Maaa" when he needs my attention. Oh, he weighs in at 18 pounds, and he was a rescue kitty.


What day is love your pet day? I need a week with 3 dogs and 3 cats.


Hello EmilyM375 it's Fancy1959. It is very nice to speak with you again. It has been a while since you have made a post with us. I do not have any pets but I do have some four legged, harry members of my family. It starts with three horse that come running when you whistle. My black walking horse thinks he's a big dog and gets in your face and wants to be loved on 🐴. Next I have three dogs. I have two outside dog that are fun to play with. But the little theif in the house who has stolen my heart and saved my soul from certain decline is my little lap dog named Gidget. She saved me about two years ago when I saw her sweet little face looking lost and upset at the back of a kennel at a shelter close to where I live. My neighbor had gone to look at a dog and I went with her totally unsuspecting I was about to meet my pint size savior.

If you have never been adored and had total unconditional love you have missed out on a great joy in life. Gidget is waiting for me every time I come home. No matter where I'm at she finds me. She Is wagging from head to tail. I swear she knows I'm sick because she follows me around like my little shadow. If I go to the bathroom she's waiting outside the door when I come out. She is so worried about me, you can see it in her eyes the way she follows me and how she keep tabs on me. I have to force her to go outside on nice days because she wants to stay with me. If I take a nap she always comes up and sleeps with me. With my son's away at college and moving on with her life and my husband working during the day it's Gidgets companionship that gets me through the days that run together. It is Gidget that honest-to-goodness takes care of me by her concern and caring. I love my Gidget as is if she's part of my family.🐾💘🐾


My service dogs...Nikki a black lab...allows me to be confident out of the house...and does so many things for me. I'm a paraplegic and she picks up everything I drop...which is ALOT. Can'tfigure out how to attach pi. maybe next time.

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karenmbloom we would love to see a picture of him! To do that, you have to start a new post and at the bottom of it is attach picture, or download picture, something like that.☺



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