weather and hives

Sorry! I just posted about something else and realized I forgot to ask if anyone else breaks out in an itchy rash if the temperature changes? It is driving me crazy! If I walk from one building to another (outside) at work, I start itching. If I go from the cold outside to the warm inside, I start itching. If it gets too warm or too cold inside, I itch. Benadryl has been my saviour!!

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  • Have you consulted a dermatologist?

  • To be honest with you, I never thought about a dermatologist. Thank you!

  • This summer I broke out in a rash on my arms. Looked like I had the measles. I have also been dealing with extreme itching on my arms, and occasionally on my legs. But not both at the same time.

    My doctors suspected a drug allergy. I went off everything but my thyroid med, then slowly reintroduced one at a time. Although the itching isn't as intense as it was months ago, it hasn't disappeared. Benadryl doesn't help me as much as Gabapentin does. I now take one pill immediately upon rising because the itching seems to start the moment the air hits it or I begin moving around. Sounds crazy, but I think my skin is hypersensitive and 'wakes' up when I do. If I get a handle on the itching before it gets out of control, it is manageable. It's kind of like pain.

    I have been told to see a dermatologist when the rash reappears so a biopsy can be done as I have another autoimmune disease that may be contributing to this.

    Although my neuro doesn't think MS is causing the itching, I'd mention it to yours.

    I hope you get an answer and relief. I know how it can drive you nuts. 💕

  • I know so have had similar situations, getting hives, rashes, being itchy randomly. The dermatologist I saw told me that it is a side effect not talked about often with autoimmune therapy.

    Benadryl is my go to at night or for larger reactions. Dermatology recommend a over the counter allergy pill 1x a day. I do that & it does help.

  • I live on Benadryl!

  • I itch also but had not attributed it to the change from cold to warm/warm to cold. I will watch to see if mine is related. Benadryl helps mine also.


  • Hmmm . . . temperature changes, huh? Now I have to pay attention to that.

    Once I scratch any part of my body, it seems I set off a chain reaction that makes every part itchy. I did go and have some testing done at the dermatologist and was told I have an allergy to fragrances.

    Essential oils were a huge part of my life for a long time. They helped pain, sleep, alertness, etc. Of course we all have our own opinion, I think I over used the essential oils and made my system freak out. I could not afford to buy all of the products recommended. Just because the product label states the product has no fragrance, I'm told that isn't necessarily so. Woe . . . I'm getting off subject, sorry!

    Anyway evening seems the worst for my scratchfest. Sometimes I have raised, red splotches and other times I get what looks like blood blisters under the skin - not raised.

    This post is definitely one I want to follow.

  • I get the welts and the blood blisters. Doctor told me it was bruising from scratching.

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