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Hello my fellow warriors. I'm glad to see this community as a way for us to interact with each other. I was dx in 2008 at age 48, and a paraplegic by 2009. (Dr. said I had lesions showing I had an active flare 10-12 years prior). I continued to work five years in my chair as a newspaper executive, learning to drive with my hands. Then it was time to realize MS was a full time occupation and I needed to give my body time to rest. I'm 3 years into a forced early retirement, began felling better a year after (altho no change in mobility), obtained a service dog two years ago and began trying to enjoy life again.

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  • Wow, a service dog, you must have a great relationship with it, a blessing for ms sufferers. Sorry you have had a rough road of it, but glad you are being positive, God bless Jimeka

  • Thank you. A service dog is a blessing - not only in companionship, but all the things they can do. Most important for me...picking up what I drop since i can't reach the floor from my wheelchair w/out grabber. She LOVES helpng.

  • Hello Karen,

    I was also diagnosed at age 48 in 2008! I am a minister and had to resign my church in 2009. I held several leadership positions on the national level of my denomination. It has been quite the adjustment for me.

    Mobility is an issue but managing. I have had several stem cell treatments and I feel that is what has kept me upright!

    I will be in prayer for you as well as for a cure.

  • Thank you. Sorry we have so much of the same in common. Except for faith...I couldn't deal with this monster without it. I hope we can become prayer warriors through our relationship in this forum.

  • Prayer partner sounds good!

  • Welcome to our My MSAA Community, karenmbloom ! You have always been engaged in our MSAA community outside of this forum, so we are thrilled to have you here and contributing with some excellent conversations.

    I've always thought your story was inspiring, so I am glad you are sharing that inspiration with everyone here.

    - John, MSAA

  • Thank you. MSAA is such a wonderful source for me. I consider MSAA and their staffers a blessing.

  • Karenmbloom hello fom Fancy1959. Welcome to our extended family, the MSAA chat room. I am so glad you have found us. We both walked very similar paths. I was.just a bit older at 53 when i was diagnosed. I, too, realized that if i kept working at 55 i would literally work myself to death.

    Karen, have you ever been sent to physical therapy? I sure don't want to give you false hope but work on building strength and helping the brain to build new neuro connections around the damaged areas that MS took out. Since you've been wheelchair bou,d for 7 years i'm not sure how much physical therapy can help. It is still worth exploring unless you already have.

    The most important thing you mentioned is that you are enjoying life despite your MS! Never let MS or anyone or anything take that enjoyment away from you! Way to get into MS's face and refuse to give in. Go, girl! Please keep in touch and. let me know about the physical therapy. Remember together we are stronger! Fight on MS Warrior, fight on!


  • I did phys9cal therapy for hours and days..infacility and home. even got a stand up chair. Neuro and pt and i both agreed it was done...sorry i'm behind on my replies. had 12 relatives from homeland (chicagoland) for my future grandbaby's shower this past sunday. finished five days of solumedrol on friday, same day some gueses arrived. now that it's over...101 fever back n forth. immune system down with steroid but i had a flare that had to be dealt with. blessings..........

  • Hello Karen, hope you stay as good as you are. Which treatments were you on ? I was diagnosed only this year , am over 60 . two aunts had ms. Am taking copaxone. Blessings.

  • I am on betaseron. Also take baclofen and neurontin. Xanax helps calm things when stress related. No one else in family for me altho other autoimmune like iga, lupus and leukemia.

    Blessings to you...keep the faith:)

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