REBIF 1st shot yesterday UPDATE

I know it was just my 1st injection and I was so worried about the pain from more injections and the flu-like symptoms. I was on Avonex years ago and they were painful because I had to put the meds right into the muscle. I also have been on Lovenox shots so many times for my blood clotting disorder, those shots were extremely painful and bruised like heck from them. I took the advice I was given and took Ibuprofen before it was time for the shot. The nurse came out to teach me and I was nervous beyond words, I just wasn't looking forward to more painful injections. But great news, truthfully, when I gave myself the shot I never felt it, I pinched the skin after ckeaning with the alcohol pad and injected. Never felt anything, I thought maybe I did something wrong, the nurse was here and it showed the little dot, so yes I did it, and no flu like symtoms. Maybe as the dose increases it will change, but right now I am pleased. Thank you all for your wonderful support and advice.

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  • You could take oral pils- gylenia- couldn t you?

  • So pleased it as all gone well. Hope it continues to do so, and I hope and pray that the shots work. God bless Jimeka

  • YAY..... hope this is a good option for you !!!!

  • Yes the first few shots are not bad, for me it got bad with the max dose. Best wishes!

  • I think I may have spoken way to soon, not sure but, early yesterday morning I felt pretty good, no side effects from the rebif. My regular nurse came out and noticed by blood pressure was a little lower than usual. Then about 11:30 in the morning I started feeling dizzy and weak and tired. I also am a person whom is usually physically warm all the time although because of my autoimmune problems by temperature is always 97-97.4. I was freezing cold, put on a thick sweater and wrapped up with my blanket and pillow. The nurse came back out, took my temp twice it was 95 and my blood pressure was now 80/50. We don't know what is going on, wether its my immune system acting up or a reaction to the rebif. If its the rebif, I want nothing more to do with it. I could hardly walk with my walker last night, everything is slow motion. She did call the Dr. and made me promise if I got worse I'd go to the ER. So far, no worse, but no better either. I have some personal emails that I will reply to but, I wanted to explain what is going on with me and see if this could be the flu like symptoms people are talking about. Thank you, Darlene

  • I have been taking Rebif for 11 years. I always take ibuprofen before taking the shot and then go right to bed that way I can sleep through the flu like symptoms. When I get up in the morning I feel fine. I have tried to not take the ibuprofen and woke up in the middle if the night achy with chills and took ibuprofen and went back to bed and was fine again in the morning. maybe a little tired from bit sleeping as well as I usually do, but no more flu like symptoms. Make sure you keep your physician informed and you might also call MS LIFELINES. They have nurses that are very familiar with the side effects of Rebif and can give you other suggestions or know if this is something else. Their number is 8774473243. I believe they are there 24/7. Just remember that everyone reacts to this stuff differently and often there is an adjustment period. I hope things work out soon.

  • While I didn't take Rebif, I took Betaseron for about 10 years. Like Melinda, I took ibuprofen before the shot and then went to bed. I never had any flu-like symptoms. Utilize the MS Lifelines nurses. They are great.

  • Good for you, dar58! I have been on Rebif for a good number of years and do my shots just before bedtime in the evening. I sometimes feel like I'm coming down with the flu but it is very short-lived and gone by morning. Rebif has kept the MS at bay for me with maybe 1 or 2 hiccups a year. Over all, I feel good.

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