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MS challenges

MS challenges

I have had MS almost 25 years. I have been on all the shots over the years and am currently not on any DMD. Pretty good until about 7-8 years ago, after two flare-ups have a-lot of difficulty walking very far or standing too long! I use a walker when I do need to go out, which took some time to get used to. But it helps me quite a bit. I have a husband and daughter that are very understanding and supportive, but I wish I didn't have to ask for so much help. Trying to stay positive, but it can be challenging!

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Oh dear, I have been diagnosed with MS since 2007. However, it seems thatI have had for much longer time possibly since 2000 or earlier. I have tried all of the possible medication that are available now and also the ones that were very very new in marketwith very possile side effects like brain infection. Afetr these many years and poking holes in my body, 5 years ago my doctor said that my MS has no cure or treatment for it. I have same usual symptoms like MS except relapsing and remiting issues. On top of that they say I have cognitive problem and my brain can not process as fast as a normal brain can do.

After all of these, I am still thankful to god and then my wife and my kids for the support they provide. When i see other people with more severe problems and impairments, I say thank you god for not giving me that dis-ease or something more chronic.

Thank you god.


So I'm just wondering are you still taking medication? I was diagnosed in 2005 and taking Copaxone only all these years. I'd like to take the pills but all the other medications including the pills as you say have side effects and I'm not sure I'm willing that risk as long as I'm doing well, which I have been, so far on current medication. I've known from the get go that medication is not a cure.And as much as I would like to not take any medication, I'm worried about the risk of faster progression and so far i've been doing very well.

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Asking for help is tough, I agree!


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