If there’s one thing you would tell someone newly diagnosed with MS what would it be?

For most people diagnosis throws up a heap of unanswered questions that can be quite bewildering. And the odds are most people diagnosed won’t know anyone else in the same situation. For this reason, please look back at your own experience and try to think if there’s anything YOU would have liked to have been told.


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3 Replies

  • I never knew that I had MS to begin with. As my condition was hidden by another condition. Having been diagnosed in 2011, was relieved to finally know what was wrong with me. I think it depends on the individual, as not everyone is going to welcome the news that they have MS. I was fortunate to have worked within the NHS, and coming from a background of nurses in the family. But my advice would be don't see it as an end to your life, far from it. If you can find out as much as you can on the type of MS you have, and if there is any support groups in your area and what they have to offer. I know it's hard sometimes, but having a positive attitude does help with coping strategies you can develop once you come to terms with your change of lifestyle. I have now made new friends through going to an MS centre with others who are in the same position as myself. Have never been happier, I know that not everyone will be feeling like that, as my experience may not be as good as some people's. I hope that if anyone is going through it they can always ask me anything, and will try to help in anyway I can. Exercise and diet is a good example. Hope that this has been helpful.

  • Tell your Dr. all of your symptoms. They my have an unlock to your symptoms. I agree with Ej57 on keeping a positive attitude. Everyone that has MS has a different journey.

  • Always advocate for yourself, when going to the doctor always go in with a note pad of questions you may have and/or instructions from your doctor. Most of all Stay Positive!!

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