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Strainge simptoms

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I started having 1 hickup numerous times through the day/night everyday it started about 4_5 months after my c4toc7 decompression and fixation sergery it's bean doing it for about a year or so has anyone els had this as I know the nerves run near my sergery site🤔🤔

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That sounds annoying.

I'm not a Dr but I think you are probably one the right track there. Sounds like you are having diaphragmatic spasms which causes hiccups in the first place.

Are you prescribed any muscle relaxants at all? If not a chat with your GP might be in order.

Best Wishes

Shirley (moderator)

Hi I have had some along the way diddent make any difference its so staing

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MyelopathicMeModerator in reply to Andy123fast

I've heard chlorpromazine can be used - it's actually an anti-psychotic drug but is licenced for such useage. But a GP will now more. It could be that they stop spontaneously. It might be it's not related at all. The golden rule - if in doubt, get checked out. Good luck.

OK thanx

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