Caring for someone with myeloma

This topic is for anyone who anyone who helps or supports a patient; whether you are a carer, a family member or a friend.

Caring for someone with myeloma has some very specific challenges and often people who care for patients can struggle to find support themselves.

We also have an Infopack for carers of myeloma patients which you can download or order for free:

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  • Hi there! I have been provided with information on Myeloma. The information I got was such that you could understand! Very useful. My mother has recently diagnosed with this cancer within the last four months. Has had to have surgery and is in hospital. I think she has more or less spent the last four months in and out of different hospitals given the nature of the damage to back etc. So thanks for the info I have got.

  • Hi. That's no problem at all! You can always download our PDFs or order free copies of all our information in our publication list.

    Kyle - Myeloma UK

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