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H.S and pregnancy

I would like to know if there any reason I should not have a child due to the fact I have h.s. I like to know the side affects before, during and after. I have had the condition for 5 years now and you can read more on my profile. My partner and I getting wed in august this year and my partner is keen on having a child. I am as well to be honest the only thing standing in our way is this HS. I want to know medically as well so going to seek advise I just wonder if anyone would share there experiences? Thanks

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Soz Michellecool1 I don't know enough about your condition but just want to wish you and your partner all the best in your wish to have a child. Hope the sun shines on your wedding day too. Hopefully someone from BSF may be able to give you good info.


Hi Michelle,

From the information available HS may be hereditary. It sometimes runs in families but not always - causes for HS are poorly understood. It can improve during pregnancy but flare-up afterwards. Certain HS medications must be avoided during pregnancy, e.g. retinoids such as isotretinoin. Also, you might want to consider the level of support available to you after the baby is born - but there are plenty of people with HS who have children and cope well.

I know that there are members of this group with HS who can possibly give you more information (I have Sweet's syndrome). If you haven't done so already, it might be worth contacting some HS support groups. The HS Trust FB group appears to be incredibly active right now and the HS forums have lots of members (see the link below).

A list of information sites and HS support groups:

All the best for the future - have a great wedding day!


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