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My skin is bad anyone help?

I keep getting what I think are hives around my hairline, sometimes all over my scalp. They can range in size from quite small to large bigger than a 50p piece. They sometimes itch, especially when they are going.

I have now started getting what looks like dermatitis on my hands, between my fingers over the back of my hands up my arms and on my face, could this all be related?

I was once diagnosed with allergies from tree pollen and it usually starts to affects me this time of year. Could it all be connected?

Anyone out there with anything similar.

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Possibly it could all be connected but you need specialist attention and tests done. I would see your doctor and get a referral letter. I dont suffer myself. Annie


Hi Honeybun,

Annie80 is right. You really need to see a doctor for examination, and possible biopsy and blood tests. It is possible for some skin conditions to affect more than one part of the body or you could have 2 separate conditions.

Your skin condition is probably not directly related to your hay fever, but some hay fever remedies such as loratidine can cause skin rash, and some conditions are more likely to flare-up in the spring and summer.

I have a rare condition called Sweet's syndrome that affects my scalp and other areas, and sometimes flares-up in spring and summer because people with Sweet's syndrome are hypersensitive to UV light. In your case, it's likely that you have a more common condition. Unfortunately, there are so many skin conditions that affect the scalp and hands that you need to be examined by a doctor.

Keep us updated,



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