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Sweet Syndrome

I was diagnosed with SS IN June 2012 I spent 1week in hospital where they took good care of me.

They do not know how or why I contacted this, I have had no health problems and have been lucky to have had good health Till this appeared .

I would not like to go through it again, most of the leisons were on both of my hands which were very painful. Also left with red marks on my thighs which are taking a long time to fade.

My hands are improving slowly At the moment I am on a reduce course of Steroids and cream for my hands.

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hi Shell I will check out these groups, It would be nice to know what causes sweet syndrome even the doctors could not give me a answer. I would not want to go through it again, once is enough. so any information on sweet sydrome will be helpfull



thanks for this information which will be very helpful for me to understand a bit more about my symptoms. kenneth


Hi, I am new there.

I never heard of Sweet's syndrome. Is it common? How does you diagnosis with it? Is it easy to diagnosis this condition? Have you ever consider seeing a medical herbalist? They can help you find out the cause.


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