breast scare:

breast scare:

I had such a scare. I had all the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer disease: open abscess on the breast, burning pain in the arm pits and surrounding tissue.

Mr K said 'hidradenitus suppurativa' it was such a relief. Okay, it's a deep infection and it will probably be square cut almost to te bone to be removed... but I could have been facing a double mastectomy with removal of my arm pit glands and removal of my back muscles to rebuild breast foundation surfaces... and then brest re-construcion and implants. I am sooo happy... I have had skin abscesses for five years, but as a teenager I had an outbreak of incredibly itchy boils on my stomach and groin and at the time was treated for SCABIES!! - I also had a long term internal 'cut' inside my back passage which was holy agony for about ten years until it cleared up out of the blue in my thirties forever - and then developed into this condition which was never diagnosed until now.

I even made my will out. At the diagnostic cancer unit I will never forget the fear of thinking I Had cancer and feel deep in my heart now for anyone that does.

As a writer of films, television, books and theatre i've decided to publish my memoir of this journey as the similarity between the two pathologies is frighteningly similar... I am giving all the money to

Cancer Research UK

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  • That's great. I'm sure that others with hidradenitis suppurativa will appreciate your efforts to get some more infomation about HS out there, particularly considering that you've had such a tough experience of it yourself. Also, I used to work as a staff nurse on a breast care ward. Most of the patients had breast cancer and many needed mastectomies. They had an incredibly difficult time, having to deal with both the physical and psychological impact of losing a breast. Donating the proceeds from your memoir to a charity such as Cancer Reasearch UK is a wonderful idea. You must have considerable strength to put such a positive spin on your own condition.

    Good luck and take care.

  • Thanks for the pos. feedback I just thank God for every day - spot

  • Hi Spot, Shell commented on my blog that maybe you would be able to shed some light. Please read Welcome to my life......

    Thank you!!!!! Bio-thingey

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