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Follicultis on legs


I’ve had folliculitis on my legs for over a year now. GP has prescribed emollient creams which have not helped. A few months ago I was prescribing flufloxacilla for a wound infection and I noticed that the appearance of my legs had improved a bit. I have asked my gp to prescribe a course of antibiotics for my legs as I feel incredibly self conscious about them. He has refused saying that it would build a resistance to antibiotics. Whilst I agree that antibiotics should not be given willy nilly but looking at my record of antibiotic usage, in the last ten years I have used them twice, so I don’t feel it would hurt to take a course. I have asked my gp for an alternative and he says there isn’t just to continue with the creams I have been prescribed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for treatment? I’m open to natural treatments as well as medical. Thanks

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I had a similar problem a few months back. Turns out it was some kind of allergy which was preventing me from recovering fully. I was suggested a few pills like justdoc.com/medicine/okacet... and thankfully it healed. However, in your case it sounds a little more serious. If i were in your place I would consider visiting another doctor soon enough.


I would suggest you need an antibiotic cream, but in the absence of a GP prescription an alternative could be making a mix of a couple of drops each of lavender and tea tree oil in about 400ml cooled boiled water. Apply to your legs in direction of hair growth using cotton wool pads or similar that you can discard after single use. I swear by these two oils for almost any infection/irritation! Good luck.


Have you been given Dermol Cream? This finally sorted out my folliculitis, allied with gentle water rinsing the area just before putting the cream on. I smooth the cream on, keeping it roughly in the direction of the hairs.

Before that, I did try using tea tree oil, which was successful, but dried out my skin (again) and I got cellulitis (again). Fingers crossed Dermol has stopped all that! I believe if Dermol had not worked, there's another stronger cream. Hope it gets better for you soon.


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