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Son rash is it virtual or allergy to nuts

Hi..I'm worried after my son of a 6 years old came up with a dash that spread to he's back and up to he neck..took him doctors and doctor said it is viral..due in the course of a week he didn't have a temperature and was okay apart from rash then he had a biscuit and to my horror made the.rash more inflamed. .looking at the biscuit wrapper I realised that it contained nut (never had a reaction to nut before). The rashbthat looked lile scarlet fever but with no fever spread from yop yo toe and became extremely itchy in the space of 15 minits.. after giving him piriton I took him to the hospital and explained what had happened and how he had originally stared off with a relative mild spotty rash but now it was extreme..they too said it is viral although I don't agree and was prescribed nothing..my sons rash and in himself as jot gone down in fact it has started to apparently on he's face...chicken pox the doctor ruled out and to be honest there's no crusting. .. been 2 weeks and still having to wait for a allergy test appointment that I feel there in no rush to give due to stating this rash is viral....my on temperate is fine he is a lot tired then usual altho I do think it's the piriton iv been giving him to calm the itch..but still have no ideas what it is, I'm posting pictures of he's skin when inflamed and when not through the last week and half..any advice or opinions would be grateful and taken on board..

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I would say that it looks like it could be an allergic response to something - not necessarily nuts - but it's frustrating to have it dismissed as a virus which then stops further investigation.


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